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'Glee' star Jane Lynch opens up about her sexuality and coming out

Jane Lynch attends the 2014 NBC Upfront Presentation at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on May 12, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Jane Lynch had many conflictions as a teenager. One conflict was her sexuality and the internal struggles she encountered on her journey to eventually coming out as a lesbian. The "Glee" actress plays a confident character on the show, but in her personal life that confidence wasn't always there. As USA Today reports on Monday, Lynch uses her own experience and struggles to help others in the new webseries, "It Got Better."

Lynch realized she was a lesbian at the age of 14, but it was only when she learned the term "gay" that she realized she was a "female version of that." That is when the struggled really started for the "Hollywood Game Show" host. Early in life she realized she was different which made growing up very difficult for her.

"For me, to be ostracized would have been the worst thing," Lynch says in the webseries. "To be thought of as different and not accepted was a fate worse than death. I enjoyed doing boys things. The boys stopped wanting to play with me when I got to be about 10 and I had to fight to play baseball."

That feeling of non-acceptance and not fitting in eventually became Lynch's strength as she grew older. She became persistent and fought to play baseball with the boys. She believed she belonged in the game. But in realizing she was different and feeling she had to hide it to find that acceptance eventually led Lynch down a path that led her where she is today both as an individual and a Hollywood celebrity.

She says, "It was almost like I had a disease I had been diagnosed. I had a journal and...I remember I wrote, 'I am gay. No one can ever know this.' And I went four blocks away and threw it out in somebody else's garbage. It led to a life of secrecy that I had to unravel."

At the age of 53, Lynch is out, proud and uses those internal conflicts as a personal motivation in fueling the passions in life she has today. She is also using her own journey as an inspiration for gay youth who are struggling with self-acceptance. The webseries also features other stars with similar stories of strength. Those stars include Tim Gunn, Laverne Cox, Tegan & Sara, George Takei and NBA basketball player Jason Collins.

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