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iStabilizer indulges our 'selfie' needs

Like it or not, the trend with digital photography is to ditch the heavy duty camera equipment and go on photo adventures with more portable and lightweight solutions. Even professional grade photographers find themselves using their iPhones, GoPro cameras, android phones and iPads for certain situations.

Many people see selfies as a modern craze, but self-portraits have a long history in art. Amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals alike can benefit from an easy way to extend their reach and even click the shutter remotely when a timer is just not guaranteed to get the exact moment you want.

There is now a product specifically aimed at achieving the perfect selfie. The iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle. Although these gadgets are available separately, they make an excellent pairing. The iStabilizer Monopod extends from one foot to three feet and the mount is adjustable for any angle. You can have video for someone to follow in your footsteps or get an aerial view of the scenery around you for more dynamic compositions. The iStabilizer Shutter Remote is useful for any Bluetooth-enabled Apple products, even up to 35 feet away. Although is primarily a shutter remote for iOS, it has other functions to boot. It can assist with playing and pausing movies, start GPS for safer navigation strategies, activate Siri for various tasks and switch songs or volume while listening to music.

When you use these two products together you reduce the chances of cutting off heads or other appendages in whimsical snapshots. You would be able to fit larger groups in a frame to show off your whole entourage in a single photo. We love the intentional distortion from a fisheye lens, but using this system would eliminate unwanted distortion from extreme close-ups.

The iStabilizer Monopod is available for $34.95 and the Shutter Remote for iOS is valued at $39.95 or you can bundle the products for $59.95 by adding both to your cart in the iStabilizer website. Be sure to view their other accessories including: tripods, mounts, steadycams, and dollies for all your photography and videography needs.

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