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Issa firm on Medicare cost growth control

Concerns Congress has to stay prepared for Medicare patients outnumbering physicians taking Medicare payments if the sustainable growth rate gets repealed have not convinced Rep. Darrell Issa to yield any ground to Democrats. The San Diego representative waits for Senate action on a repeal following the House's pre-recess approval of a grwoth rate repeal bill.

Both Issa and local representative Duncan Hunter voted for the bill on the 14th.

The Congress still seeks evidence the Medicare system can give the patients who depend on the federal support quality care. Two years after the repeal froze the sustainabgle growth rate at half a percent, a Medicare Payment Advisory Commission would report to congressmembers on whether a sufficient number of Medicare paid healthcare providers remains a gurantee in America. And, the commission would recommend professional payment changes that would guarantee there are enough doctors and medical professionals in future years to adequately serve patients.

Issa would have to join Republicans in striking down a Democratic attempt to reinstate a growth rate set to hit zero in 2019.

Making the Medicare administrative burden easier to handle within budget to fit Republican plans would get a second look after the GAO reported to Congress on evidence settling the value in the quality measures used in the Medicare program. The differences between the original Medicare fee-for-service program measures and measures used in Medicare Advantage and Medicare part C are noth considered plain enough for the Republcans who supported the growth rate repeal. Serving an increasing number of Medicare patients, at a within budget cost, depends on the administrative revisions made using GAO's evidence on the Medicare care quality measured in the old and new measures.

The healthcare provider payment cost management Issa stands firm on seeing out to the end by passing Medicare cost reduction bills will return to congressmembers' work slates after the Monday end to the recess.

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