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Issa asking Obama give illegal alien child ridden San Diego relief

The multitudes of migrant children from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador here in San Diego communities illegally nee to start their removal process immediately, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-San Diego) has told President Obama. A week after he, with Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-San Diego), supported Rep. Ken Calvert's (R-CA) bill proposed to expedite repatriation of unaccompanied children to their home country, the President is telling the COngress to pass the comprehsnive immigraton reform he counts on funding the additional border patrol deployment needed along the migrant flooded southwest border.

With an ongoing illegal immigrant "crisis" in San Diego communities, Issa will not wait on a future fix for the immigration system. The Obama admiinistration's plan to give due process to all the migrants who crossed the border after walking the Rio Grande Valley spread migrant handling problems throughout the Southern California area. In Murrieta. Chula Vista. And, San Ysidro.

“The President’s unilateral actions have sent a misleading message that resulted in tens of thousands of children making a perilous journey to our country with the belief they would be allowed to stay," Issa said on the 11th after Calvert introduced the bill that went to the Foreign Affairs Committee.

"The best resolution to this humanitarian crisis is the safe return of these children to their families and country of origin. By promptly returning them home to their loved ones it sends a clear message that will discourage other children from making this dangerous trip.”

Migrant child deportation to their home country is the goal Issa asked the President to work on with Congress. Our communities are "overwhelmed by a crisis that must be addressed immediately," he said at the beginning of July. The Calvert bill would speed up the process taking the children separated from their families out of the migrant crowds. The Central American immigrant children on U. S. land here in the San Diego area would be placed in removal proceedings, and, become eligible to make a voluntary departure from the U. S., at no cost. The full count of young migrants guaranteed the opportunity to see counsel.

The bill amends a 2008 human trafficking victim law that limits expedited repatriation to immigrants with homes in Mexico or Canada. A congressional approval would put children from the rest of the Latin American home countries in line for repatriation. A child from any country could take part in the repatriation program.

President Obama, after meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry on the 9th and the COngressional Hispanic Caucus on Wednesday the 16th, still asks for congress to cooperate on funding additional immigrant handling work at the border. Until the Congress passes immigration reform. Gov. Perry agrees with putting more border patrol agents on the border. A funding bill the Texas congressional delegation supported would also shorten the timetable for processing a child.

Temporarily living in the U. S. with compassionate care before a return home is a priority for Obama.

Any kind of amnesty for immigrant children decided by the administration, without congressional approval, Issa calls a presumptive decision that works against the immigration laws ensuring legal immigration. He has asked the President end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program the administration started without congressional approval in June in 2012 to allow children to stay without the threat of deportation. A program, he says, encourages foreign families and children to break the U. S. immigration laws.

Work guaranteeing Central American immigrants still have a clear path to citizenship keeps the President's administration busy. Obama sent Vice President Biden and the Homeland Security Secretary to Central America to make plans with officials to close down illegal immigration trips taken to avoid the violence and economic despair in the countries. Repeated border crossings made by smugglers' children are a priority target.

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