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Israeli SWAT kills American murderer during intense prison barricade incident

An Israeli police SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team shot and mortally wounded an American-Israeli prison inmate -- serving a 24-year sentence in a Tel Aviv prison for a murder he committed in the U.S. -- after he shot prison guards during a rampage on Sunday, according to the Middle East news media.

Members of an Israeli SWAT team responded to a shooting spree in a Tel Aviv prison.
Getty Images/AFP

According to former police official and training officer Joel Lester, the now 34-year-old, convicted-murderer, Samuel Sheinbein, began his shooting rampage by wounding three prison guards. The shooter then barricaded himself in a room within the Rimonim Prison.

It remains questionable how the inmate was able to obtain a firearm.

Sheinbein, who fled the U.S. after committing a heinous murder in Maryland in 1997, was tried and incarcerated by the Israeli justice system for a prison term of 24-years.

Middle East news outlets reported that Sheinbein barricaded himself the empty room and began firing at prison guards and SWAT team police officers. SWAT sharpshooters fired and shot the inmate dead.

According to Joel Lester, one of the prison guards sustained life-threatening injuries and was categorized as remaining in critical condition.

Sheinbein was 18-years old when he killed Alfredo Enrique Tello in Maryland. According to police investigators, he dismembered Tello's remains and buried them.

When Tello's dismembered body was discovered in 1999, Sheinbaum flew to Israel and told authorities there that his father was born in 1944 in what was then called Palestine by British occupying forces, which would make him a dual citizen of the United States and the Jewish State.

The Israeli government at that time, during the Clinton Presidency, refused to extradite the killer which created a political firestorm that included congressmen warning the Israelis they may have been jeopardizing their foreign-aid package from the U.S.

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