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Israeli study finds, 'Women Don't Belong in Combat'

Women being integrated into combat roles
Women being integrated into combat roles
US Army

A new Israeli study claims after 13 years of research involving women participating in combat roles in the IDF that women are not suited to be in combat units, according to the website Arutz Sheva.

Women being integrated into combat roles
US Army

Col. (res.) Raza Sagi, a former infantry regiment commander, declared:

The feminist experiment in the Israeli military a failure. “Lochamot Betzahal.

He noted the higher rates of "serious injury among women serving in combat units." Sagi, like many, believe women were allowed into combat units based on a serious of campaigns launched by "radical political groups" that pushed for women to be allowed in combat.

The study found there is a higher percentage rate of women serving in combat units who suffered "physical harm" during their time in the units. These injuries include, ruptured discs, stress fractures in their pelvis regions, uterine prolapse and other unmentioned injuries. These are the types of injuries that will plague them for the rest of their lives.

We all know that men also suffer from injuries during their combat duties, but the studies prove that women have a much higher percentage rate of incurring a serious injury.

According to Sagi, the study shows that "the female rate of injury is much higher and that the seriousness of the average injury is greater, with entire platoons sometimes unable to function because of the physical state of the female soldiers. The injuries referred to are incurred in training and routine deployment – not actual combat."

It's a ridiculous notion that most feminists and those who believe women should be in combat have the idea that there's no difference between men and women serving in the military. The militaries of the world have already proven that women can't handle the stress of combat. Sagi insisted: “One cannot defeat evolution. In days in which a meaningful reduction of the defense budget is required – there is no doubt that the matter of placing women in combat roles requires reassessment.”

Sagi predicts that people reading the studies will soon discover that they have been lied to and mislead by feminists about women serving in the military. “The integration of women in the army has not succeeded, but everyone keeps shouting at us, that we must open before women the remaining units that have not yet been opened to them. I do not know what will help people understand that this is a serious mistake," said Sagi.

The agents who contribute to and peddle the agenda that women belong in combat are "like cancerous cells," added Sagi. According to the report, it appears The Chief of Staff's Adviser on Women's Issues is the one behind the push for women to be allowed in combat units and Sagi wonders why everyone heeds the words of the adviser.

Then we have another issue of how the Israeli military lowered the standards so that women could meet the requirements needed to be approved for combat missions.

"The book describes ludicrous measures by which women's lesser suitability for combat roles is masked. These include lowering the bar of requirements for women wishing to enter combat units, placing benches next to walls that trainees jump over (only for the women to use), running laps in circles (instead of straight-line runs from point A to point B) to make it less obvious that the women are lagging behind the men, and more, according to the Arutz Sheva article.

The IDF has said that Sagi's claims are baseless. They also affirm the integration of women into Israel's military has been a complete success. They told Marriv/NRG that: "Female combat soldiers are dealt with in a supervised manner, which takes into account their medical, physiological and social needs."

The same exact things that happened in Israel, the lies, misleading intentions and lowering the training standards is beginning to occur here in the U.S. In Jan. of 2013, the Obama administration announced its intentions "to change the long-standing combat exclusion policy that limited women to support jobs in the military; now women will be able to hunker down in foxholes on the front lines."

The product description for a book written by Robert Maginnis "Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat," claims the following:

President Obama is dead set on eviscerating our military by pushing women to the front lines. He isn’t the only one to blame, however – this policy is the product of a naïve culture that blindly embraces government-hosted violence in the name of equal opportunity.

It's believed by many that there is no real evidence women are demanding combat assignments. There's also real concern that women in combat will lead to a "wide range of devastating consequences, many unforeseen and unintended by proponents, but no less dangerous."

It would appear there aren't enough men being used as "machine-gun fodder" so now liberals want women to also be used. It's a well known fact our government doesn't care about our military and views them as expendable, "pawns of foreign of policy." This is based on a quote by Henry Kissinger, he said:

Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy-Henry Kissinger, quoted by Bob Woodward in The Final Days, 1976

This truth is our government views men and women in uniform as nothing more than tools whose lives are replaceable. Our government also shows how little they care for them by how our vets are treated when they return from combat broken and in need of help, yet our government willing turns their backs on them.

There is nothing glamorous about war, but administrations like Obama's will portray it as such. (Click here to check out this video to grasp a better understanding behind the military industrial complex's war propaganda.)

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