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Israeli poll says Obama should get envelope of Ebola as birthday present

Israeli poll says give Obama Ebola for his birthday.
Israeli poll says give Obama Ebola for his birthday.
Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

If many Israelis had their way, President Obama would receive an envelope of Ebola for his birthday, Vox reported Monday. According to Vox, 48 percent of those participating in a poll posted on the popular Israeli news and entertainment site Mako said Obama should get the deadly disease.

As of this writing, however, that number had fallen to 43 percent. Coming in at second place: "Peace in the Middle East." Two gifts -- golf clubs and a remix of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling the U.S. not to "ever second guess me again" on fighting Hamas -- are tied for third place at 11 percent.

Vox indicated the poll results are "far from statistically rigorous," adding that it's not clear how many people participated in the survey. Nevertheless, it's clear that a number of Israelis distrust the American president. Vox noted that "Israeli distrust of Obama, and the perception that he is secretly hostile to Israel despite all of his government's overt support for the country, is pretty well established in actually scientific surveys."

A February poll, for example, showed that 70 percent of Jewish Israelis "do not trust Obama to safeguard their nation's vital interests in negotiations with the Palestinians." Time magazine said at the time it was the latest in a string of polls showing a drop in the confidence he reportedly received after a 2013 visit. Last May, Time said, 61 percent expressed confidence in Obama.

Vox went on to say that while the world views the U.S. as pro-Israel in general, Israelis are far more skeptical. Max Fisher said that from Israel's perspective, the U.S. "not only could do more for them, but does things that are actively unfriendly." It certainly doesn't help when the State Department omits any mention of Netanyahu from a statement on the current ceasefire while praising Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.

"In statement on ceasefire, State Dept spox Psaki praises the govt of Egypt and PA President Abbas," Jake Tapper tweeted. "Netanyahu goes unmentioned."

Fisher, however, said there's another possible explanation for the result. People on the Internet can be jerks, he said.

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