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Israeli PM: 'If you had 2,500 rockets falling on your cities' you take action

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The Israeli government claims that rockets have been fired into Israel from United Nations Relief and Works Agency facilities and an interview with a representative of UNRWA admits there have been "neutrality violations by militants."

A spokesman for UNRWA, Chris Gunness, stated in a Sunday news show MeetthePress:

"Let me be very clear about this. UNRWA is responsible for its own installations. And where we have found neutrality violations by militants, as we did with rockets being discovered in schools which were closed and mothballed for the summer, we proactively issued a statement strongly condemning it as a flagrant violation of international law."

Gunness continued further, stressing the effort made to "behave responsibly" in the matter:

"We contacted all the parties. And now we have actually been in contact at the highest level through the secretary general's office to get assistance from the United Nations Mines Action Service. We are not an organization I hope you will agree that as it’s been accused of handing over weapons to Hamas. We have behaved responsibly to protect our staff and to preserve our neutrality."

The barrage of rockets

In an interview on the same program with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that their forces do defend themselves from the barrage of rockets fired at them. "We do target Hamas, we do not target civilians. But we will take the actions that are necessary to defend our people as any country would, the United States would."

Further he said: "If you had 2,500 rockets falling on your cities, if you had terror tunnels dug underneath your border to reach your kindergarten, if you had attacks by land, by sea, and by air, of course take action. You take action, you take military action aplenty. I have no doubt that you would. So does Israel."

Gunness, the UN spokesman said it was his organization that runs the school in northern Gaza that was hit on Thursday, leaving at least 16 people dead including children. Said Gunness:

"... we're a humanitarian organization. We're not an organization with an army. We have moral force. We have the force of international law. And we have the principles of humanitarianism to protect us. But that's it."