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Israeli Gaza conflict continues

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets Israelt President Netanyahu
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets Israelt President Netanyahu
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

The sectarian violence across the Middle-East between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam has been eclipsed in the media with the renewal of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian dispute following the tragic murder of Israeli and Palestinian children. The Hamas government of Gaza began firing small rockets into Israeli occupied territories where Israeli settlers live. The Israeli government retaliated by pounding the Palestinians in Gaza with what some say is a disproportional number of missile strikes.

Watch One America News TV segment here:

So far more than 620 Palestinians have been killed (70-percent civilians) and 1,000s wounded while 30 Israelis have been killed (28 soldiers), the number of wounded is unreported at this time.

Israel has activated 40,000 reservists for the ground offensive in Gaza and the Saudi government has also quietly amassed approximately 40,000 troops on their Iraqi border.

Meanwhile, the ISIS radical terror group continues unabated consolidating its positions in Syria-Iraq.

While the President Obama's indecision in attacking Islamic State of Iraq Syria (ISIS) forces traversing the wide-open eastern Iraqi and Syrian deserts appear to oblige Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who warned the U.S. against intervention, conditions in the Middle East seem ripe for an American return to the war-torn region.

The number of simmering crisis throughout the Middle East may also be responsible for the noted lack of Arab support for terrorists’-backed Hamas, although current cease-fire negotiations are being handled by the Hamas supporter Qataris and traditional peace talk broker Egypt.

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