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Israel-U.S. relations at 35-year low, says Israeli diplomat



  • RSBL 6 years ago

    Maybe if Israel wouldnt commit WARCRIMES!!! Sign the NNPT, let inspections like what they make Iran do. Tell them to stop killing children.

    The quickest way to stop being called nazis, is to first stop acting like them.

    Tell them to get out of MY government! Tell the AIPAC spy ring to deport themselves. Tell them to STOP stealing land that belongs to someone else. MAYBE they will get a the people arent the ones doing it, besides the illegal settlers, it is the government. Tell them we know they pulled off 9/11 with the CIA and traitors within outr own government. Tell them to take the dual nationals who do not belong in our government and leave. Like feinstein, pelosi and gang, and more than half of oblamas staff. Chertoff the mossad agent who helped with 9/11 can go too, tell them to take cheney and bush as well and the groups both dems and repubs belong to that commit treason like the CFR.

  • Jose 6 years ago

    that is dead on the mark

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