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Israel threatens to ignore the safety of journalists who report on Gaza massacre

Palestinian victims of an Israeli airstrike.
Palestinian victims of an Israeli airstrike.

In an effort to dissuade journalists from covering the aftermath of over two weeks of military bombardment in Gaza, Israel's Government Press Office have proclaimed Israeli immunity for any journalists they may happen to kill during their attacks. According to the GPO, "Israel is not in any way responsible for injury or damage that may occur as a result of field reporting." This statement, which is itself a violation of international law, has been characterized by many as a terroristic threat against civilian journalists. According to the Geneva convention and other international laws, journalists are to be afforded non-combatant status, and to claim to have no responsibility to make an effort to preserve their safety is directly in violation of this law.

Israeli exceptionalism has perhaps never been more globally blatant than during the past several weeks of military bombardment, characterized as a massacre by many, with the Palestinian death toll now over 500. From Israeli crowds gathering to cheer the death of women and children as if it were a sporting event, to Israeli parliament member Ayelet Shaked openly calling for Palestinian genocide, religious and racial fanatics in Israel seem to have dropped even the pretense of civility regarding their feelings toward the Palestinian population. For extremist elements in Israel, this disdain extends beyond Palestinians, to all non-Jewish people, as seen with the Israeli GPO's blanket threat toward the safety of all journalists attempting to expose the actions of the Israeli military.

While governments around the world seem to be behaving typically toward this latest round of massacres by Israel, citizens around the world seem to be coalescing more than ever against the senseless and unfathomably violent murder of mostly children, in an area of the world suffering from more than half a century of ruthless occupation. This growing consensus of opposition to Israeli imperialism seems fueled primarily by the ever increasing sense of connectedness all people feel as a result of global communication through the internet. Just a few short years ago, none of these heinous civilian murders would have been so apparent to so much of the world. Now, thanks to online social networking, people are beginning to organize more effectively against such gut wrenching violence.