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'Israel: The Royal Tour': Peter Greenberg talks special airing March 6th on PBS

Travel expert Peter Greenberg takes us on a historic look at Israel as part of the Royal Tour Travel Series where leaders of countries take Greenberg for a tour of through their eyes.

Peter Greenberg and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tour Israel

In “Israel: The Royal Tour,” Israeli Prime Minister, Benajim Netanyahu is the ultimate tour guide. In the one-hour special, Netanyahu takes us on an incredible journey giving viewers a rare look at the country.

Greenberg, who had previous Royal Tour specials in Jordan, Peru, New Zealand and Mexico to name a few, was delighted that the Prime Minster was able to do the tour in the first place.

“All the people around said he'll never do it, and when he called him, he couldn't wait to do get out of the office” Greenberg told CBS Morning News. With everything thing that was going on the in world at the time, a prominent political figure time makes scheduling difficult.

“It was very difficult,” adds Greenberg about scheduling the 5-6 day tour with Netanyahu. “It took a long time to do and when we finally did it, he couldn't help himself. He couldn't wait o get out of the office and literally show me the country through his eyes – in a dune buggy, boat, underwater. We were going everywhere.”

Everywhere is an understatement. Tour highlights include:

  • The Red Sea - Shared by Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
  • Rosh Hanikra – The Prime Minister shares stories of his time there in the Israeli army.
  • Jordan River – Netanyahu and Greenberg raft down the river together.
  • Jerusalem – a tour in, above and under the city.
  • P.M. Residence – The Prime Minister gives us a personal look at his life at his private residence.
  • Tel Aviv – The tour visits one of the city's hottest clubs.
  • Technion – Known as Israel’s “Silicon Valley,” includes a look at the country's hub for cutting-edge science and technology and an inside look at the latest inventions.

“Israel: The Royal Tour” airs, Thursday, March 6th on PBS. Check your local listings.

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