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Israel’s renowned cat lovers' society

I'm a rescue kitty
I'm a rescue kitty
Karla Kirby

Cats are loved and appreciated throughout the world. One of the most excellent Cat Lovers’ Societies is located in the state of Israel. This celebrated society was founded back in 1966 with the endeavor of helping the street cat populations of Haifa and Northern Israel. It is a volunteer-run organization funded by donations and by parallel organizations abroad; since 1995 they have also received funding from the Ministry for Environmental Quality and since 1998, a modest amount from the Haifa Municipality.

They go out, rescue then help in the healing process of cats in distress or pain

They set off and encourage a continuing agenda of sponsored spaying/neutering of stray cats with the goal of controlling the expansion of the cat population.

They offer shelter abused, abandoned, injured or sick cats and kittens, and treating them until loving, “forever” homes are found for them.

They help find permanent homes for stray or feral cats and kittens.

• They also sponsor the impediment of poisonings and mass exterminations.

• They assist disadvantaged populations in servicing feeding stations for cats, and financing of medical treatments.

They carry out educational and instructive lectures by veterinarians and educated volunteers to adults and to students in schools and institutes of higher education.

They operate a hotline, to make available guidance and information on cat-related problems to the public.

This Society is extremely opposed to the extermination of homeless cats. A far better answer to the problem is to TNR the felines. They execute mass neutering programs, by:

• They boost awareness of the need to spay/neuter among cat owners.

• They fund the spaying/neutering of homeless/feral cats and of the cats of people who cannot themselves afford to alter them.

• They support financially the spaying/neutering of feral and stray cats: Because of the expensive cost spaying/neutering animals in Israel, many feline owners abstain from doing so; instead, they let them have litter after litter and then simply ditch the kittens in the street, or worse. This led the Society to make a decision to offer the operation, a decision which has been highly booming since many cat owners turn to the society for this wonderful service.

In June of 1998 the Mayor of Haifa at last agreed to assist with this initiative and allotted for it a grant which enabled the Society to spay/neuter approximately 2000 cats, thus preventing the birth of more than 100,000 kittens which would have led wretched lives. This program has been ongoing ever since.

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