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Israel’s Political Far Right: The making of an African Infiltrator


There are certain revelations in life that are so insidiously surreal that upon their initial discovery our brain instantly convulses, “flipping on billions of neuronal switches” that instantaneously transmit electrochemical signals that’s meant to immediately challenge the validity of what our eyes and ears tell us is true.

In layman’s terms, it’s hard to believe that a “lamb lost in the wild” can so easily morph into “the voracious wolf”.

Note: “Crimes against humanity”, as defined by International Criminal Courts are; “any particularly egregious / hateful offense that comprises a serious attack on human life and creates unreasonable humiliation and degradation.”

Riddle: Why does America’s Political Far Right (Conservatives) always appear to vigorously “bend over backward”…errr…I mean…“enthusiastically support” the “needs” and whims of Israel’s Political Far Right when addressing the civil / human rights of Palestinians?

Answer: Birds of a feather flock together.

In search of the land of Milk and Honey

World history teaches the attentive student that initially the far majority of violators of human rights prefer the “cover of darkness” as they go about their business of heaping injustice after injustice upon their “voiceless” and exploited victims.

The attentive student also learns that as time passes arrogance will eventually overwhelm shame and crimes that were once committed in the shadows of night will be brazenly committed in the light of day.

It’s true, in the year 2014 nestled deeply inside Israel’s governing Knesset there is an ultra-conservative wing comprised of Jewish politicians who are shamelessly and silently looking the other way as crimes against humanity are being perpetrated against Sudanese refugees by Jewish racists and Jewish hooligans.

Throughout the study of world anthropology there has never been any evidence that suggests that a healthy and prosperous people on nothing more than a whim will decide to “uproot their family” and leave their homeland in search of greener pastures somewhere else. The people of Sudan are no exception.

Fleeing their war-torn and economically-collapsed country in search of what the Jewish Torah describes as “A land flowing in milk and honey”, Sudanese refugees in hope of starting a new and better life have been instead corralled and detained in Israeli refugee camps that are so incredibly unsanitary that by any U.N. standard, they’re not fit for human beings to reside in.

Branded by the Israeli government as undocumented workers but loathingly referred to by Jewish extremists as “infiltrators”, Sudanese men, women and children are forced to live in their own filth and are not allowed to obtain work permits to earn money that will assist them in rising above their new found poverty in Israel.

It’s a human tragedy compounded by the pressures of living in a country where nearly two-thirds of Jewish Israelis are indifferent to Sudanese / African suffering and one-third of the population is demanding that the Sudanese in Israel leave today, not tomorrow.

But upon deeper reflection shouldn’t reasonably intelligent people notice the similarities in racial hatred that was directed at European Jews by European Christians throughout European history and the racial hatred being directed at Sudanese / African refugees in search of a new home by Israeli Jews who boisterously call for the “disappearance” of the Sudanese “infiltrators”?

If you were to ask an attentive history student the difference between a 1939 Nazi racist and a 2014 Jewish-Israeli racist, the answer might be “zero difference”.

Be assured, the vanguards of deception and the manufacturers of political smoke screens will condemn this article as being anti-Semitic and “Far-Left”. However, nothing is further from the truth.

To appreciate this story it’s important that morally conscious people take a long and hard look at their self in the mirror and ask, “Why should the civilized world give a free pass to Israel for unleashing racist terror on any downtrodden human?”

What gives Israeli Jews the right to expect and in some cases “demand” world understanding and sympathy for historically being the victim of racist hate when in reality they are now guilty of exuding racist behavior and implementing racist laws that demoralizes and disenfranchises Sudanese / African war refugees?

Is Israel only a haven for Caucasian looking Jews? And if so how does that socio-political philosophy differ from the socio-political philosophy of White supremacists who rant and rave about living in a world that’s separate and unequal from Black, Brown, Red and Asian people? More importantly why should Israel continue to receive economic and military support from the U.S. and other Western countries for condoning racist policies that disenfranchise, degrade and humiliate another human being?

Pardon the intellectual pause, but sometimes I’m prone to forget….are we discussing the Sudanese refugees or the plight of the Palestinian people in Israel? In reality the answer is both, but I digress.

For the most part Sudanese refugees aren’t allowed to obtain work permits, they aren’t allowed to go to school and they aren’t given comprehensive tools to succeed in a hostile environment.

For the attentive student it’s easy to confuse past Israeli demonstrations against “Sudanese Infiltrators” as being surreal reenactments of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone as groups of Israelis, whipped into a frenzy of hate, spout almost the same identical racist rhetoric that was once spouted against them by Nazi Brown Shirts in 1939 Germany.

At the top of the list of concerns for the politically Far Right Israeli is (1) an all Jewish State for “Jewish-looking-people”, (2) concerns about the “mixing” of Israeli (Jewish) school children with Sudanese school children and (3) the concern over the “certainty” in the drop in home values should displaced Sudanese (infiltrators) move into their neighborhoods.

If it weren’t for the difference in language and geographic location an attentive student would swear they were listening to an audio tape of former Alabama governor and avowed segregationist, George Wallace addressing a pep rally at a 1958 Klu Klux Klan gala fish fry.

In closing, there is a growing number of Israelis who are both appalled and embarrassed by the racist rhetoric and actions of Israel’s Far-Right crazies who appear to control the political actions of a few prominent Israeli cabinet members that have control over the destiny of Sudanese refugees. But they need help from the International press in “outing” the racists who “huff and puff” around them.

Without the “Western Friends of Israel” ensuing “tough talk” with real reductions in economic and military aid for maltreatment of desperate human beings, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is more than likely to ignore the plight of Sudanese / African refugees being detained in Israeli “infiltrator camps”, wishing instead that one day (as if in a dream) they will all just disappear and leave “The Jewish land of milk and honey”… the problem is a desperate and mistreated people never “disappear” quietly and Netanyahu of all people should know that.

As always the New Orleans Examiner is interested in what you think. Is Israel’s overall racist maltreatment of Sudanese / African refugees hypocritical to Israel’s proclamation / persona of being the endless victim of racial intolerance and hate? And will “The Western Friends of Israel” ever apply economic / military sanctions against Tel Aviv for ignoring crimes against humanity that’s being directed at Black Africans? Inquiring minds want to know.

Until the next time; Good day, God Bless and Good fishing.

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