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Israel's lesson for American Conservatives

Why is there no workable peace agreement between Israel and their Mid-East enemies? Some wish to appear neutral and blame both sides.

Why has Congress ground to a halt since the 2010 elections? Some want us to blame the Tea Party.

But President Obama’s “do-nothing Congress” is really a Congress in which the left no longer holds a majority and faces the first genuine conservative opposition in three-quarters of a century.

This situation has made it plain for all to see that, Obama “the great unifier” is neither interested in attending to the public business nor accomplishing the genuine compromise necessary to do so.

When two parties negotiate, certain requirements apply to both; and when one party to the debate refuses to accept their part of that responsibility; negotiation, agreement – peace is impossible.

When it comes to Israel and her Arab neighbors – whether it’s the Palestinians or established Arab states – they come to the table with a fundamental disagreement about Israel’s right to exist. And as one Israeli negotiator once observed, “You can’t negotiate with people who hold your utter destruction as a primary objective.”

This situation also explains the difficulty faced by the freshmen in Congress and their counterparts in state government across America.

There is an ongoing siege in America. The forces of Collectivism – Neo-feudalists who operate under a confusing array of banners (Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Populists, Progressives, Liberals, etc.) are arrayed against our Capitalistic, Constitutional Republic.

They hold the obliteration of the American Ideal as their primary objective.

Over the last century, our “defenders” have dithered, conceded inch by inch, colluded, and changed sides over and over, publicly kicking and screaming while lining their pockets in back-room deals with the enemy.

With the exception of a few valiant champions like Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater, American Conservatism has employed strategic retreat as its only tactic in dealing with leftist ghouls who are determined to own our once free people.

This incremental capitulation is what the left has come to identify as “compromise” and “bipartisan cooperation.” And that is why they now scream like stuck pigs at the principled, firm resistance they face from Tea Party freshmen.

The entrenched operatives of leftist subversion have been lulled into the delusion that they are actually acting in good faith – that corruption, looting, extortion, bribery, favor trading and the wholesale destruction of individual liberties is actually an acceptable way for American statesmen to conduct their affairs.

Because the leftist subversion has been so poorly resisted; and has been allowed to infiltrate every aspect of our culture, religion, academia, media and government, our traitorous neighbors actually believe that their agenda to convert America into a Collectivist gulag is a patriotic effort.

They have been so coddled by the “opposition;” and are so deluded by their own rhetoric that they no longer perceive the difference between authoritarian oppression and the quintessential American ideal of the servant state.

Under such circumstances, it is time we must take a lesson from our friends in Israel.

The new American Conservatives (not the Republican Party, but Tea Party Patriots) must always be willing to negotiate; but we must enter any discussion with one non-negotiable demand: Any deliberation must begin with the agreement that the federal government must be paired back to the specific restrictions and obligations identified verbatim in the US Constitution.

The only way this goal can be reached is for Americans to sweep the leftists from office in November with the same thoroughness as we did in 2010 – delivering the knockout punch to leftists that will allow a Tea Party era majority in Congress and the White House to take quick, decisive and irreversible action to truncate the government apparatus back to its intended limits.

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate with the vision, ideological integrity, courage and convictions necessary to accomplish this goal satisfactorily. With a Tea Party majority in both Houses and Ron Paul in the White House, we may have a chance to restore and reinvigorate America.

Our parents fought collectivist despots in Europe and Asia. Now it’s our turn to fight – and beat – them within our own borders.

God bless America.


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