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Israel - Palestinian conflict made simple

If you are like me, you don't know a great deal about the Israel - Palestinian conflict. What we all do know is that the two have been at war from time to time for as long as any of us have been alive, and no resolution is in site for this conflict.

I could have done some research on this subject matter for my article, but a blind man could see which side of this conflict a reasoned individual would side with, so I don't really see the need for it.

On the Israeli side, you have a society much like are own, one that respects life and is governed by a civilized set of laws based on tolerance and individual freedom . On the Palestinian side, you have a lawless group of people that cheered the murder of our innocent citizens on 9-11 and who conduct a war of terror by martyring their own children.

I don't care if there is any merit to the claims of the Palestinians that their land is being "Occupied" by the Israelis. I don't care about the Palestinian's demand for statehood. I don't care if they are forced to live in a hell hole in the middle of the desert. None of this is an excuse for waging war by purposely targeting innocent women and children.

Throughout recorded history societies have been overtaken by other societies by the threat and use of force. In our own country the American Indian civilization has been all but eliminated by European invaders. Whether this is just and equitable is a subject for another day, but the American Indians did not resort to terrorism to further their cause. They accepted their defeat and negotiated an end to their conflict.

The Palestinians should do the same. They have no conventional army and as such cannot defeat Israel by conventional means. Their attempt to defeat Israel by waging a war of terror is not only immoral but will never meet with success.

As long as the Palestinians or any other group of misguided combatants resort to terrorism to further their political objectives, there should be no place for them in a civilized world.