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Israel has eliminated 60% of Hamas rockets

Israel and Gaza, the battle rages
Israel and Gaza, the battle rages

According to an estimate reported by CNN, Israel has destroyed about 60% of the 10,000 rockets in the Hamas stockpile. Observing the body count, over 1,000 Gaza civilians have been killed, but how many Hamas fighters have been killed?

There are an estimated 20-25,000 Hamas. They are elusive and hiding behind the civilian population. Body counts at the level of 10-15,000 would be a dent. Still, only a few hundred terrorists can present a formidable threat if they can infiltrate as suicide bombers. Israel is hell bent to prevent that.

According to multiple sources that include the Washington Post, weapons were being supplied through the tunnel network that linked to Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood enabled the supply with weapons coming from the Sudan and Iran.

That is why sanctions are levied against Iran, and why Americans are working with Sudan to attack terrorists there. This is why what we see in Gaza is linked to global terrorism and the fight against it.

The Europeans, Americans, and Israel identify Hamas as a terrorist organization. For that reason, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama administration are under scrutiny for negotiating with them through proxies.

A case can be made that Obama administration is acting contrary to the interests of national security. It is surprising that Republicans have not employed that substance in their calls for impeachment. It is the most factual basis on which to do that.

However, a better approach would be for Congress to call Kerry on the carpet to ask him to explain and account for his policy and approach in seeking a cease fire. Credibility to be earned by pursuing the American system of government in earnest.

For instance, pose this question to Secretary Kerry: Explain the prudence of putting Egypt on critical path in Israel and Gaza peace talks in view of the following. A military coup overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi. Egypt is presently a most unstable government.

“Much of Hamas’s ammunition and weaponry has been smuggled in from Iran or Sudan, through tunnels that stretched from Egypt into Gaza, according to Israeli intelligence officials. So are raw materials used by Hamas engineers to assemble sophisticated homemade rockets and other weapons.

There are also reports that Hamas has acquired drones.

But since the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood last year, Egypt’s military has destroyed most, if not all, of the tunnels entering Gaza and closed off its border.”

“10,000 - The number of rockets Israel estimated Hamas to have in its arsenal when the hostilities began. Militants have launched more than 2,600, according to the Israel Defense Forces. And the IDF has struck more than 3,000, IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner told CNN on Tuesday. "So our assessment is they're depleted around 60% of their capabilities," Lerner said.”

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