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Israel - friend or foe?

Protesters hold a banner during a rally in Istanbul, Monday, May 31, 2010.
Protesters hold a banner during a rally in Istanbul, Monday, May 31, 2010.


  • Scott 6 years ago

    This is Turkey setting up Israel. I would just like to point out that Israel offered many times to take the aid flotilla through its port in Ashdod. Israel also guaranteed that if the flotilla went through a security, all the aid and the people aboard the ship would be free to bring aid to Palestinians along the west bank. Many times before, weapons have been found aboard aid ships going into palestine, and Israel has a right to check them. If someone is to ctiticize the Israeli soldiers for killing 9 "aid workers" I highly reccomend they watch the video of the second the soldiers board the ship. If you were to bear witness to this video, you will notice that the first soldier is beaten with crowbars, one is thrown overboard, many are stabbed. Many of the other soldiers weapons were taken from them. Israeli soldiers didn't go unscathed as six of them recieived injuries. Two of them had to be airlifted. Imagine being an Israeli soldier, getting beaten with hard metal objects as well as

  • Scott 6 years ago

    as knives. If your that soldier, you better fire that weapon, or else your going to be the next one to drop. I don't understand why Arab leaders are condemning Israel, since all they are doing is defending themselves. They don't have the opportunity to allow any ship with supplies to not go through its security since one may contain weapons, which have been found aboard aid ships in the past.

  • Joe 6 years ago

    Imagine how much worse the world would be if Israel were not holding at bay the fascist theocratic thugs that surround it.

  • joseph q 6 years ago

    America's Blessings and safe keeping stands because its frienship with ISRAEL..something that Israel enemies will never comprehend.

    Their hate for God's choosen people is such that all of them combined wish to eradicated Israel presence from its legitimate Birth Right!

    Abraham & Sara's Issac is the rightful heir to the land...not the servant Hagar and her son Ishmael from which all arabs and muslims descent.

    Those who are for GOD must and shall be for Israel! forever.

  • Patriot 6 years ago

    "Defending themselves" -- by jumping on a Turkish boat in international waters and firing away at unarmed people? Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. You are in a propaganda stupor.

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