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Israel: Conquer Gaza like Russia conquered Crimea

What’s the difference? Russians would argue that ethnic Russians were the majority living in Crimea before they annexed it. Israel can’t claim that Palestinians are ethnic Israelis can they? Well, maybe they can. Adopting Palestinian Arabs as their own kind might be the way ahead. The roots are deep and at one point there was no difference among them.

Israel, one nation for all people
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“Arab citizens of Israel[3] are non-Jewish Israeli citizens, the majority of whose cultural and linguistic heritage or ethnic identity is Palestinian.[4] The traditional vernacular of most Arab citizens, irrespective of religion, is the Palestinian dialect of Arabic. Most Arab citizens of Israel are functionally bilingual, their second language being Modern Hebrew. By religious affiliation, most are Muslim, particularly of the Sunni branch of Islam. There is a significant Arab Christian minority from various denominations as well as Druze, among other religious communities. Israeli Mizrahi Jews are not usually considered to form part of this population.

According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, the Arab population in 2013 was estimated at 1,658,000, representing 20.7% of the country's population.[2]”

News today is that Israel may have to conquer Gaza in order to locate and destroy all of the missiles and other ammunition used by the Hamas for attacking Israel. There is an equally good reason for Israel to take over Gaza and that is to install the Palestinian State of United Israel. The process of assimilating and new state building would take some time, yet there is no better time than the present to begin.

The vision is one nation under Israel with a Palestinian state that begins with a Gaza. The process begins by eliminating Hamas. It ends by tearing down the wall that currently separates Gaza from Israel.

Vision like this defines what is possible. It defines what may be inevitably essential.

Andrew Hurley wrote a book with the title “One Nation Under Israel.”

“Former Under Secretary of State and Ambassador to the UN George Ball stated, ‘Practically every congressman and senator says his prayers to the AIPAC lobby... they have done an enormous job of corrupting the American democratic process.’

Andrew Hurley has done a masterful job in telling the story of Israel and the power of (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) AIPAC over the U.S. Congress. This remarkable book was first published under the title Holocaust II, Saving Israel From Suicide as a public service at the end of a long, successful financial and law career.

Arguably, US warring in the Middle East both through its own forces and through United Nations' actions, has only one lasting beneficiary--the state of Israel. Israel's power has been magnified by the destruction of its neighbors. Andrew Hurley's thoroughly researched book explains why.”

I don’t think that I would agree with Hurley and his conclusion. Mine might be something of the opposite. Hurley claims that Israel has hijacked the American Congress into providing unconditional support.

Here is why Israel deserved ‘unconditional support’. It isn’t because Jewish people deserve a land of their own. It is because they have the competence to govern. It isn’t because they were persecuted into near oblivion. Palestinian Arabs have an argument like that one too. It is because a large population located in this place of universal historic significance needs a united government.

So, Israel should be encouraged to purge Gaza of violence and to make it part of Israel. It should work to convert Palestinian-Gaza Arabs to becoming citizens of Israel. They don’t have to convert from Sunni Arabs to Jews, they must convert to becoming tolerant citizens who want to contribute to a sustainable society.

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