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Israel completes tunnel destruction and changes tactics

IDF wear mitznefets as camouflage.
IDF wear mitznefets as camouflage.
Getty Images

Benjamin Netanyahu announced today in a press conference that Israel was withdrawing engineering personnel and others associated with the tunnel clearing operation. The war with Hamas isn’t over, but is undergoing a new phase. The new phase will likely include continuous reconnaissance over Gaza. If Israel is attacked by any remaining rockets or any other weapons, they will retaliate. If Israel detects Hamas warfighter movements, they will likely be attacked and destroyed. Israel is committed to eliminating the Hamas terrorist organization as leaders of the Gaza people.

Israel has called on Gaza citizens to elect new representation. It has criticized Qatar for funding Hamas and Iran for providing weapons and ammunition for which Israel has solid evidence. Those nations that support Hamas are sponsoring terrorism.

Israel has made it clear that Gaza people can receive beneficial aid and support from Israel by simply choosing to accept Israel and to stop the terror. Arab nations can decide a moderate and peaceful course with Israel, or continue the warfighting. It is a regional decision.

Arab nations that choose a peaceful and moderate course will be welcomed by the free world. Those that don’t will bear the brunt of economic sanctions and hostility in the face of state sponsored terrorism. Nation states that accept terrorism may well become victims of terrorists organizations themselves just as Gaza has fallen prey to Hamas.

There was a tone of great reluctance coming from the Israelis government because it is clear that no one benefits from war. The challenges facing people of the Middle East to produce sustainable economies and democratic governments that support individual freedom is daunting. Wasting time in a war makes it less possible to attend to the needs of vast numbers of people who remain economically dislocated.

On a frivolous note, what’s up the IDF helmets called mitznefets?

“Israeli Soldiers, Fashion Victims
Why are they wearing chef’s hats?
By Daniel Engber

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered Israeli troops to push deeper into Lebanon on Friday, as the U.N. Security Council continued to debate a possible cease-fire. Photos of Israeli soldiers taken throughout the war show them wearing big, floppy hats that look like shower caps. (Here’s one example.) What’s the deal?

They’re for camouflage. The hat—called a mitznefet in Hebrew—attaches to a regular combat helmet and obscures its rigid, round shape. As the mitznefet flops about, it takes on an irregular form that’s harder to recognize in a shadow or out of the corner of your eye. The hat also protects against the sun and the moon, which might reflect off the surface of the helmet. A standard mitznefet consists of reversible mesh fabric, with a greenish woodland camouflage print on one side and a brown desert print on the other.”

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