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Israel Begins Ground Invasion after UN Temporary Ceasefire Ends

JERUSALEM – After the temporary five-hour ceasefire requested by the United Nations to get “humanitarian” aid into Gaza ended on Thursday at 3 p.m., the Israel Defense Forces announced they have begun a ground invasion as Israel’s Operation Protective Edge enters into the tenth day of the campaign into the Gaza Strip.

Israeli ground troops cross into war zone.
(Denis Sinyakov/AFP/Getty Images)

Leading up to the Israel ground invasion, it was Wednesday night when Hamas gunmen infiltrated their ground troops into Israel through a tunnel. When emerging from the underground tunnel the gunmen were killed. Israel Defense Forces said is impossible to hit tunnels with airstrikes in an effort to neutralize the situation.

In a statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, it said the IDF is now prepared to launch an expansion of ground operations after the infiltration into Israel using terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip. “Through terror tunnels such as these Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory early this morning with the aim of carrying out mass terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens,” the statement said.

After the temporary ceasefire on Thursday, it was at 6 p.m. when according to witnesses, the Health Ministry of Gaza said an airstrike hit a house in eastern Gaza City killing three children and wounding five others. On Wednesday, four Palestinian boys were killed in Gaza while playing on the beach. The young boys were seen running along the beach to avoid being hit during the first airstrike, however it was the second airstrike by the Israeli military that killed the boys who were all brothers.

The Israeli Defense Forces said 57 rockets were launched by Gaza militants into Israel after the temporary ceasefire on Thursday.. Most of the rockets were intercepted by the anti-missile Iron Dome system however sirens were heard wailing over Tel Aviv again as the fighting resumed requiring people to run for shelters.

The latest Palestinian death toll exceeds 220, mostly civilians. The lopsided death toll in Israel is extremely low thanks to the Iron Dome anti-missile system that intercepts missiles from Gaza. Only one Israeli has been killed since the campaign to rid the Gaza strip of Hamas militants began ten days ago.

Peace negotiations are once again underway in Cairo that include officials from America, Palestine, Israel and Egypt after the previous ceasefire brokered by Egypt was refused by Hamas earlier this week. Negotiators are hoping a ceasefire could take effect Friday morning at 6 a.m. However, according to the Times of India, a Hamas spokesman is insisting there will be no compromising concerning their demands for a ceasefire.

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