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Israel and the city of Jerusalem have long been a point of contention

Israel and Jerusalem have long been a point of contention to the rest of the world.

When Israel recently released convicted terrorists that were responsible for the deaths of many Israeli citizens just to start negotiations afresh and merely to coax the Palestinians to the conference table, the Palestinian Authority along with much of the crowd gave the terrorists a heroes’ welcome.

You can bet many Israeli Jews took notice of this fiasco. It was reminiscent of the celebrations taking place when the attacks on 9/11 took place. However even with the callous display demonstrated by those welcoming back the convicted terrorists with open arms, it apparently is not going to deter America from risking the security and perhaps preservation of the country of Israel.

America allegedly is Israel’s last friend, but this alliance is not based on what is taking place in the current Obama Administration. Secretary of State John Kerry has been working overtime attempting to load the bases so that President Barack Obama can hit the ball out of the park. The real question is, will this agreement make things better or worse for Israel?

Giving land for peace or security clearly has not worked in the past, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying or taking the game of “let’s pretend” to the extreme. Israel gave up Gaza in 2005 unilaterally without much to compensate Israel. There has been an unhealthy expectation for Israel to unilaterally do much of the work of showing good faith without the Palestinians doing anything in return.'s_unilateral_disengagement_plan

Gaza has since become a launching pad for thousands of rockets and the election of a government in the Gaza which Hamas has prominent control. There is nothing more frustrating for Israel as the people voting in a political force who has Israel’s destruction in its doctrine.

In spite of all the history, the American media reflects the attitude of the Obama Administration which is posturing as if Israel is the sole problem to the peace process. The unilateral release of Islamic terrorist prisoners from Israeli custody at the urging of the United State to bring the Palestinians to the table demonstrates that America expect Israel to do the major concessions.

Many in the American State Department chides Israel for things as its security fence, however those critical of Israel have developed a case of selective amnesia for the reasons Israel put the fence up in the first place. Self preservation seems to be considered optional for Israel.

East Jerusalem and additional land as Samaria will be supernatural stumbling blocks for Secretary of State Kerry and Obama. What the Arabs could not acquire by force in 1948 Israel is expected to hand over through diplomacy. In the 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel was able to survive Arab coalition forces determined to exterminate the tiny Hebrew state.

Both the United Nations and United States have been insisting that Israel comply to the 1967 borders, perhaps forgetting that Israel has already been forced to give up land established through the original Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the 1948 Declaration of the Establishment of the Jewish State. There is already authoritative precedence for anything stipulated by the Obama Administration.

The TransJordan territory was taken away from the Jewish people in the interim of the Balfour Declaration and 1948 Declaration of the Establishment of the Jewish State due to promises made by the English to its Arab allies.

One should compare what was promised to Abraham in the Torah and Bible and compare it to the land originally drawn, then compare it to what Israel is working with currently. There’s a huge disparity.

The Jewish nation has a longer and more documented claim to the city of Jerusalem than any other people on the planet. The Jordanians captured Jerusalem in 1948 and Israel recaptured the city in 1967 which ended nearly 2000-years of the “city of God” being under Gentile control.

There are dynamic spiritual issues concerning both Israel and the disposition of Jerusalem that have a tremendous impact in Christian prophesy and future Jewish history. The struggle to undermine both Christian and Jewish eschatology is clearly playing a part in the emotional theater concerning the Middle East.

Whether this spiritual confrontation is understood or not does not matter. Prophets of the Bible and Torah have clearly declared what would be taking place and those very forces are manifesting in our time.

The issues materializing today in the Holy Land have been already articulated by God.

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