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Isotopes Notebook: Enright indulges in his Breaking Bad fandom

Former Angel Barry Enright has been visiting Breaking Bad filming sites since joining the Isotopes.
Former Angel Barry Enright has been visiting Breaking Bad filming sites since joining the Isotopes.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Isotopes right-hander Barry Enright has been playing tourist the last couple of days in Albuquerque. He hasn't gone on just any tour, however.

"I'm a big 'Breaking Bad' fan and I knew that Bryan Cranston was a big fan of the Isotopes," Enright said. "When I was at the hotel there were people leaving the hotel saying they were going on a 'Breaking Bad' tour. And so it just made me think of it.

"I watched it again to I make my wife watch it. She became a big fan of it. When she came to visit two days ago, I asked her, 'There's not much to do, do you want to go look at this stuff?' She loved it."

Enright has been posting some photos on Twitter of his tour of "Breaking Bad" sites. They actually went to the first filming location without even realizing it.

"We went (Friday) by starting off going to The Grove, the cafe and without recognizing it, we had no clue, we were just looking for a place to eat," Enright said. "We end up eating there and found out that (was a filming site).

"Then we went to Walt's house. It's funny to me that someone actually lives there. When we were there, there were probably five different people standing there taking photos and what not. I was thinking about how annoying it must be for the lady that does live there."

Enright only recently blasted through the entire run of the Emmy Award-winning show. He got into it during the offseason.

"I was down in Mexico last year and everyone was talking about the finale," Enright said. "I'm not a big TV series watcher at all. But when everyone talked about it so much I figured it must be a big deal. Being in Mexico, having Netflix, that was kind of the thing to do.

"I got hooked after the first two seasons. I'd wake up at 7 o'clock and go to bed at 3 a.m. I'd get no sleep just to watch it. It was a great series that ended up being my favorite thus far."

Enright joined the Isotopes after the Dodgers signed him as a free agent. The former Pepperdine standout went 4-9 with a 5.58 ERA in 19 starts at Lehigh Valley before the Phillies released him.

"The Dodgers had called me before the season when I was a free agent but I went with the Phillies," Enright said. "I knew they were interested then. Them calling a second time around ... it was kind of a good sign for me."

Enright has tended to pitch well for four or five innings every start, but he always seems to have one bad inning that inflates his ERA. In four starts as an Isotope he has gone 0-2 with a 7.89 ERA.

"I've been obviously a little frustrated with how I've finished outings," Enright said. "I've been talking with (pitching coach Glenn Dishman) about how well I've been throwing those other innings. Right now it's more the mental side, continuing through a game and finishing my outings."

Enright will make his fifth start Monday against Nashville. Until then, there's always the Octopus Car Wash on Central to visit.

Guerrero accepts his new role

The Isotopes have been moving Alex Guerrero around a lot of late, giving him starts at shortstop, third base and left field in addition to second base. That's all part of the Dodgers' plan and so far, so good.

"I think they want Alex to be able to play multiple positions," Albuquerque manager Damon Berryhill said. "If he can do that it's a quicker way to the big leagues. He's come out everyday and worked hard at each position. He's improving at each position."

Left field was on the one position Guerrero had not played before in his career in the United States or Cuba. He has not had much trouble adjusting out there.

"He looks fine, I think it's been a pretty natural transition for him," Berryhill said. "He's getting good jumps off the bat. He's come some positioning stuff he needs to work on still. But he's taken to it well."

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