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Isolation and loneliness: Negative thinking is where it begins

The despair of loneliness
The despair of loneliness
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Even with expensive cell phones and social media, many today find themselves cut off from experiencing fulfilling relationships. They may have eight hundred friends on Facebook, but they do not have anyone that is physically apart of their lives. No one to go out to eat with, go to the movies, or just come over and share an intimate conversation. They are trapped in a world of loneliness and isolation, and they do not know how they got there or how they are going to get out. The answer that they are looking for is found in the way that they think. Their own mindset is the problem. The way that they perceive themselves and the world around them has become a destructive force in their lives.

Many have been hurt in past relationships. Some have experienced pain at the hands of a physically or emotionally abusive parent, an abusive romance, a friend, or a stranger. The pain they experienced caused a wound that was deep and cut them to their core. Upon picking themselves up they made a choice, a choice that would impact their lives in a devastating way. They decided that they would never allow anyone to ever hurt them again. Now I am not talking about making the healthy choice to never allow themselves to be abused again. What I am referring to is a choice that was made out of pain that they would never allow anyone to hurt them in any way emotionally on any kind of level, great or small.

Even in healthy relationships with people that love us there is, at times, pain involved. Someone will make an insensitive comment. There will be times that expectations will not be met. There is even the occasional time were someone is let down. Accepting each other with all our flaws and working through the painful times, allows us to truly enjoy those around us. Deciding to never allow someone to hurt you is deciding to have no relationships in life.

Anyone that is going to come out of loneliness and isolations successfully must make the choice that they will allow themselves to experience a small amount of emotional pain, at times, so that they can experience the joys and triumphs of having meaningful relationships in their lives. Relationships where they can receive the love that they have longed for and give the kind of love that will bring meaning to their lives.