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Isolation and loneliness: Negative thinking is where it begins, part two

The pain of isolation
The pain of isolation
photo by kmiragaya

AMC Studio 30 and Edwards Houston Marq’E Stadium 23 movie theaters in Houston are both great places to enjoy a movie with a friend or love interest. Sadly though there are some who rarely go out with others, and if they do go to the movies it is usually alone. Isolation and loneliness is a deep dark pit. One of the causes can be a critical mindset.

Being critical of others focuses the attention on someone else’s flaws. When the focus is on their negative aspects, a person is blinded to all the positive qualities that others possess. Being critical inhibits being able to truly enjoy other people for who they are, and what they have to offer.

Now a critical mindset comes from two extremes. One extreme is that a person believes that they are superior and therefore everyone around them is inferior. They look down on other people's actions as well as their opinions. The other extreme is that a person feels enferior in some way. Instead of wanting to look at themselves, they focus on others shortcomings to make themselves feel better. Whether the root is from pride or self-conciousness, being critical puts up a wall between the person practicing it and people they are around. Having a critical attitude will always lead to isolation and loneliness.