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Isolated Showers/T-Storms To The South On Friday

Climate report for Thursday
Climate report for Thursday
Scott Derek

Thursday was a day that featured sunshine and clouds as a frontal boundary was draped across the region; showers and thunderstorms(with flooding rains) stayed primarily to the south and east along the Jersey shore with the frontal boundary, but by the afternoon some more thunderstorms popped up to the north and west along the upper level short wave. This threat will linger for the early overnight and then we'll just have clouds with lows around 70.

That stubborn frontal boundary is still hanging around the region and causing isolated showers and thunderstorms to occur

Come Friday we'll have morning clouds that will give way to sunshine by lunchtime; since that short wave will still be within the region we could see some isolated showers and thunderstorms(primarily to the south) as highs will be in the middle 80s thanks to a north to northeasterly wind around 10mph. Come Saturday we'll have sunshine and a continued onshore wind with highs continued into the middle 80s; it's not until Sunday once high pressure pushes further to the east and we get a southerly wind. The humidity will creep back up as well as highs will approach 90. A cold fronts will swing through and starting by Sunday night we will have the threat of showers and thunderstorms.

Since the front is slow moving there will scattered showers and thunderstorms for not only Monday, but Tuesday as well(where they may be strong to severe as the 500-millibar low itself swings on through and creates a heck of a lot of instability!). Highs on both Monday and Tuesday will be in the lower 90s and it will still be humid so the heat indices will feel more like the middle to upper 90s.

Behind the cold front we will have very cool and dry Canada air(unseasonably cool in fact!); highs by the middle of the week will barely be around 80 and by the end of the week we may fail reach the 80-degree mark! For now be sure to follow my 7-day forecast(any time) at

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