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Islands Developments in Florida

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Privet Island

The last island to be de developed in bustling Aventura, Florida is about to become home to more than seventy-thousand square feet of indoor luxury amenities. This all sits on over four football fields’ worth of land, and that land will feature comparable luxury to the indoor aspect of the island. There’s still room to spare here, as sea, sky, and land are all the attraction from the 358∘ of visibility. Tough completely surrounded, as an island, the residents here will never be concerned with losing touch with the outside world. Privé Island is connected to the gated community of Williams Island, and from there accessible to the rest of South Florida and its high octane life force.

Where It Stands

It is at this juncture that Privé Island ran into a snag, the plans had not taken into account the cities requirement for a sidewalk to be implement on the municipalities. Florida Zoning requires several things of all developers in the Miami area:

  • Reviews and evaluates zoning and land platting applications.
  • Implementation of Street signs and notices
  • Right of way road planning and meeting of minimum width guidelines
  • Building height regulations
  • The proper city building fees for planning and permits
  • Cubic content of buildings

Privé Island seemed to have met all the city specification for building; the sidewalk issue is simply the last in a long line of steps to commence development on the project. In June the Privé development met with city planners, an Aventura judge and began to sort through the proper steps to see the permits for sidewalk implementation. After a ninety day period, the city placed the permits in pending and the island developers are hopeful for the future of their project, and issued this statement:

“As always we thank our extraordinary team and network of domestic and international agents and buyers old and new who continue to support our efforts, applaud our progress, and help to dispel the naysayers who don’t take the time to get the facts straight before commenting without regard.” - Privé Developers, LLC

The Architects

While Prive hasn’t begun construction just yet, they have begun the conversion process for reservations to contract, and are still filling more units. The ground breaking is set to take place in late summer, and an eager city awaits the amazing architecture of the Sieger Suarez partnership, a firm that has proven time and time again to deliver award winning design.Originally founded in 1987, the firm pioneered the conceptual “floor though see through” unit design, one of the highest acclaimed design concepts in the modern market for residential suites. The firm has also worked closely with corporate clients, the Donald Trump Corporation, giving buyers the confidence to put reservations on the soon to be Island condo.

Degree of Separation

Whether you see Prive for its views, land, sea or air, you will certainly be enticed by the sheer magnitude of the project. Coming soon, the Miami skyline will never be the same, once this profound giant is finally constructed.



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