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Dude and Andrew from the Greenville, SC based band, Islander. The current single for Islander is Coconut Dracula. Their singer comes from the Dominican Republic and he was talking with his uncle and he heard what he thought was Coconut Dracula and asked him if he had just said Coconut Dracula and he just blew it off as something else. But our singer took the idea and ran with it. This Dracula found some beauty in mankind and started eating coconuts instead of people. The song is from the point of view of his mummy roommate. He is jealous of his new outlook on life and he wants to be more like him. He had a change of heart and he wanted to be a better person. They start a three-week tour on September 11, 2014 with Otherwise and Like A Storm. They will also be performing at Aftershock, Louder Than Life Festival and a few dates with Rob Zombie. While on the road they cannot travel without headphones, “Because everyone snores. Toothbrush, baby wipes, coconut oil.; I don’t cook with it; I put it on my skin and my hair. Cell phone chargers and the adapters for the bus. It is common for the member to get their phones hacked by others in the band; posting stupid and lame things on their social media sites, but that isn’t the case with the young men from Islander. Dude was very frank, “We are an honest group and we don’t care what each other has on their phone.” While Andrew was happy to point out that you would find pictures of his cat on his phone.” Life and the road have changed them and their music. They booked their own tours in the beginning and they only saw one facet of the local music and getting out and seeing what everyone was doing and what the trend were. The same thing helped us when they were writing their first full-length cd. We wanted to step aside from what everyone else was doing, so that we would stand out and really make a name for ourselves.” Andrew was not wrong about them making a name for themselves. The coolest person that has been out in the crowd or was standing on their side stage, “We will randomly see any member of KORN. Today we get on stage and I do a spin on stage and there’s Fieldy and his son Monkey. When they have conversation it is random. They talk just to talk. They had one conversation about having kids and being a father and not about being a Rockstar.” The members of Islander are always brainstorming and writing, even on the road. For Andrew, writing is his favorite par of being in a band, even more so than playing in the band. “I don’t know what I would be doing if I weren’t writing music.” Self-interpretation of their music is best, Andrew stated, “They’re not going to see it the same way I do. As long as it means something to someone, then I have done my job.” With bright and promising futures ahead, Islander made life-long friends while on Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2014.