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Island of Poveglia: The world’s most haunted island for sale

Island of Poveglia for sale by Italy.
Island of Poveglia for sale by Italy.
Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

The Island of Poveglia is for sale, but before anyone rushes to buy it, they may want to do their research on the place that’s known as the world’s most haunted island, The Inquisitr reported on May 7.

According to the report, the Island of Poveglia in Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with a spectacular view, but the beauty of the location is far overshadowed by it’s terrifying reputation.

Many scary incidents have happened on the island, including 160,000 people burning to death. The tragedy is still embedded in the soil of Poveglia today, which is said to contain the charred remains of bodies, creating a sticky ash.

The Island of Poveglia is also known for being a site of the bubonic plague, and the terrifying asylum that once stood there.

In the 1930’s a doctor arrived on the island and began to torture patients at the asylum where the mentally ill were sent. “He would take them up to the bell tower and perform lobotomies on them using hammers, chisels and hand drills,” reveals a report on the island’s scary past.

It’s said that many ghosts haunt the “evil” Island of Poveglia, and that many people have seen and heard the spirits roaming the land, likely searching for peace after brutal deaths.

Will anyone dare to buy the island from Italy, who seemingly wants to be rid of it, and it’s dark history? Only time will tell.

What do you think about the folk lore of the Island of Povelgia? Do you think it’s truly the most haunted island in the world?

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