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Island Hopper Water Trampolines and Bouncers - A Helpful Review for Prospective

Water Trampolines the best fun for the whole family!
Water Trampolines the best fun for the whole family!

By definition, a water trampoline refers to inflatable water trampoline that can float on water.A typical water trampoline has an inflatable chamber tube, a trampoline frame, springs, jump mat, anchor ties, swimmer assist handles and a ladder.

Aqua Sports Technology is the manufacturer and distributor of Island Hopper Water Trampolines and other water sports products since l991. Island Hopper is a well-known brand in this competitive market.

What Are the Features?

Island Hopper water trampolines are made from 1000 denier PVC materials and electronically welded seams which provides high durability and firmness that can withstand wear and tear.

Island Hopper trampolines come in various sizes, colors, designs and styles. As with other brands, Island Hopper features the classic round shaped trampoline. It does however; also offer the Turtle Jump, Turtle Hop and the Gator bounce-and-slide types that take the shape of an alligator and a turtle respectively. Younger children are sure to like that.

In terms of sizes, they offer 12 ft., 13 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., and 25 ft. trampolines. Now, considering the jumping space, a water trampoline or water bouncer can accommodate two people at a time, if not more, depending on the diameter.

Island Hopper products offer a one to two year limited warranties depending on the product.

What Are the Available Types and Attachments?

It's worth stating that the available types are based on models and unique features. Looking at the market today, you can find these models, including certain attachments:

  • Turtle Hop 12' Bounce

  • Turtle Jump 15' Water Trampoline

  • Gator 13' Bounce

  • 13' Bounce and Splash Bouncer (round)

  • Island Hopper 15' Classic

  • Island Hopper 20' Acrobat

  • Island Hopper Bounce 'n Slide

  • Island Hopper 25' Giant Jump

  • Island Hopper Island Runner (attachment)

  • Island Hopper Double Blaster (attachment)

How Does Water Trampolines Differ from Water Bouncers?

Basically, the two of them are the same in terms of their functional usage. The following points indicate how water trampolines differ from bouncers:

  • A water trampoline has the capacity to offer greater bounce or jump.

  • A trampoline is strong enough to accommodate many people as it has a larger jumping area.

  • Trampolines have springs while bouncers use a combination of a webbing system and a flotation tube.

  • Bouncers are much more suitable for kids.

  • Trampolines are more expensive than bouncers because they often are a commercial grade.

How Much Does a Water Trampoline Cost?

Island water trampolines and bouncers are quite affordable as compared to other leading brands. The price ranges from $600 to $3,000. For as little as $400, a water trampoline attachment can be purchased. Depending on the features, the total investment shouldn't exceed $4,000.

If you are buying a water trampoline or bouncer for the first time it may be a good idea to begin researching the product. This is a decent article about “frequently asked questions” about water trampolines:

Inarguably, purchasing any of the models of Island Hopper water trampolines and bouncers would offer great fun and excitement to every member of a family. While shopping for the product, an individual needs to consider the product features and personal budget in making the right choice. The brand is highly recommended; however, there are many other brands to consider.

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