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Islamic thinkers explain evils of "Saint Pagantine's Day"

Muslims are discouraged or, in some countries, forced away from celebrating Valentine's Day.

"Islam goes against blindly imitating the West regarding a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day."
AFP, Sam Panthaky

Why? One caution is that hard-earned money should not be wasted on advertising, gifts, and decorations for one festive day of love. This goes against their proud tradition of thrift and against the principle of avoiding useless pursuit.

The Holy Quran says: "And act not wastefully (i.e. unproductively). Lo! He approves not the wasters." (6:141)

Valentine's Day is considered by Muslims to be a ritual of Christianity. To celebrate such a ritual would violate a basic principle of Islam which is strictly against imitating any other religion or way of life. Muslims must be careful to keep their religion pure and not mixed with the faith and devotions of other religions. Muhammed is very clear when he spoke, "Whomsoever emulates a nation is one of them."

Allah s.w.t. has said: Say, "O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion."

Contrarily to setting aside one day, they believe Muslims should all love one another for the sake of Allah all year long, not just one day. They claim to recognize happy occasions but never if they have no Muslim religious foundation. Reducing the whole year to a single day is rejected.

They reason that since Islam is the best and Islam countries the most good of all nations, then other nations should be the imitators of them.

Yet, in today's Muslim world, we may conclude that attitudes toward Valentine’s Day are varied. For example, officials in Saudi Arabia are very strict. They check on florists and gift shops a few days before February 14. They will confiscate or destroy anything that can be related to Valentine's Day including teddy bears, chocolates, gift boxes, and sentimental cards. The color red is also banned that time of year.

In response to the ban, the people in Saudi Arabia wishing to celebrate Valentine's Day must do so underground. They get their gifts and red supplies a few weeks ahead of the special day. If they wait too long and find the ban already in effect, they will do without or engage with the black market and pay inflated prices.

One could say the spread of Western vulgarity is impossible to stop.

Islamic Thinkers Society "Islam is a code of life-socio-economic-politico Ideology with spirituality and has undoubtedly shown us the correct etiquettes and manners for every occasion. It teaches us every facet of moral behavior in regard to Muslims and non-Muslims. Thus, to borrow these anti-Islamic trait from the Kuffar is not sanctioned by Islam." (Kuffar is a highly derogatory Arabic term used to refer to non-Muslims.)

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