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Islamabad plans genocide of Baloch, but reward for Taliban: Christian leader

A main leader of Pakistani Christians has expressed his concern that Pakistan is planning a Sri Lanka-style genocide in Balochistan.

In a Press statement Saturday, Philadelphia-based Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, who is president of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC), said Islamabad is contemplating to follow Sri Lanka's plan, which was used to brutally crush the Tamil Tiger rebellion in the South Asian island state, in Balochistan.

The genocide in Balochistan is being camouflaged as the new security policy of Pakistan, Dr. Bhatti said. He said the plan awaits approval in the upcoming meeting of the federal cabinet.

He said a rough draft of the new Security Policy of Pakistan, has two models -- the Ireland model and the Lanka model -- for dealing with the insurgencies bedeviling Pakistan.

Dr. Bhatti said the government of Pakistan is planning to use the Irish model to make a deal with Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and give them autonomy in the tribal belt of Pakistan while a Sri Lankan-style military operation is being planned against Baloch freedom activists in Balochistan.

He said China, which played a key role in crushing the Tamil rebellion in Sri Lanka by supplying weapons to the government there, has already been given the control of Balochistan's key port of Gwadur.

"Pakistan Army used technology provided by China to locate and assassinate Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in mountains of Balochistan," Dr. Bhatti recalled.

The P.C.C. chief said that the irony was Pakistan Government wishes to hold talks with Tehreek
Talban Pakistan (TTP) who have killed more than 45,000 innocent citizens of Pakistan and give them concessions, but plans to crush the genuine movement for rights of the Baloch in Balochistan.

He said the main thrust of the crush the Baloch policy is to remove any opposition to Pakistan-China military strategic plans for Gwadur.

Dr. Bhatti urged civil society organizations and human right activists in Pakistan to condemn the new security policy.

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