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Allah wants chickens killed slowly and painfully

I'm not sure this is real, but it looks like KFC restaurants in England are trying to reach out to Muslim customers.
I'm not sure this is real, but it looks like KFC restaurants in England are trying to reach out to Muslim customers.

Michael Berry, conservative radio talk show host at KTRH, does not like Islam. He made his views plan when he said that he hopes somebody blows up a community center near 9/11 ground zero because it will have a mosque in it. So perhaps this blog post should be taken with a grain of salt. It states that KFC restaurants in Houston have pledged to serve chickens that were killed in the Islamic tradition of Halal. KFC denies this.

For those of you who don't know (and for those of you who do know but want to read about it anyway), muslims are forbidden to eat a variety of things, including pork, blood, animals slain in the name of anything other than Allah, and food over which the name of Allah has not been said. It's incredibly silly, but that's religion for you. In countries where the governments are officially muslim, pretty much everything is Halal, but everywhere else, it's very difficult to accommodate the finicky eating habits of muslims.

The Halal process of slaughtering animals, known as dhabihah, involves slitting the animal's throat and allowing the blood to drain out while the animal is still alive. Some animal rights groups say this is torture, and many others share this opinion. It is very doubtful that anyone, if given a choice, would select this method of execution for themselves, even a muslim.

Ever since September 11, 2001, Islam has gained a worldwide reputation for violence. Atheists know very well that religion and violence often go hand-in-hand and that Islam isn't the only culprit. It was a christian fanatic who killed Dr. George Tiller because he performed abortions. It was christian fanatics who fought the Crusades and tortured and killed thousands of people in the Spanish Inquisition. Religion is cited as the justification for many atrocities throughout history, not to mention the fight against the rights of homosexuals that is going on right now.

So it shouldn't shock anyone that Muslims want their meat to be from animals that were slowly tortured to death, and the fact that it's all done to appease a very temperamental god has lost its humor long ago. While the cries of "wolf" from religion hating alarmists like Michael Berry shouldn't be given too much credence, everyone should be wary of any attempt by religious zealots to have the rules of their superstitious institutions applied to everyone.