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Islam’s war on Christianity discussed on Hannity

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Westerners are as ignorant of the religion of Islam as they are of their own government. If they understood one tenth of Islamic teachings they would recoil in horror. While most have heard of the Koran (Quran), they know nothing of what is written and how it is presented. Even if they know of the Koran, almost none know of the Hadith.

The New Testament of the Bible is comprised of two parts; The Gospels, which are the first four books that are the direct witness of the Apostles of the teachings of Jesus, and the rest of the New Testament that consists of letters and writings of Christians shortly after Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

The Koran is akin to the Gospels in that it is taken directly from Muhammad. The Hadith is their New Testament wherein many histories recorded stories from the life of Muhammad. These are not the actions and teachings of those who came after Muhammad, but further recordings of his life as they were passed down but not incorporated in the Koran.

While in the Koran Muhammad taught that those who abandoned Islam to become apostates would suffer Allah’s judgment, he does not say they should be punished. In the Hadith, however, Muhammad’s teachings extend to punishment of those who leave Islam. Those who would promote Islam deny that this is the teaching of Muhammad, but those who have become apostates like Mark Gabriel who attended the Moslem equivalent of seminary school says that Imam’s are taught otherwise.

Part of the conflict of the Koran and Hadith is in how they are written. The Koran is not written chronologically, but from smallest story to largest. The confusion this creates about how Muhammad led his life is deliberate, just as taking much of his teachings and putting them in the Hadith is deliberate.

Muhammad began his religion preaching as one of peace to lure in followers. When he went to his tribal leaders and demanded they acknowledge him their spiritual leader and they rejected him and threatened his life, he fled to Medina. From there he converted his religion from one of peace to one of war and launched attacks on Mecca in the name of Allah to avenge the insult to his people.

The war with Mecca went on for twelve years until Muhammad got enough followers to conquer the city, whereupon everyone converted to Islam. Those who did not were given second class citizen status as dhimmi and subjected to oppression until they submitted to Islam. From there Muhammad sent envoys to neighboring states to acknowledge him, and if they did not then his armies of fanatical followers came after.

Muhammad promised paradise to anyone who died killing infidels. Contrast his life with the life of Jesus and you know why Islam has been at war with the world for fourteen centuries and why you should learn the history of Islam as well as Christianity and other religions. The hiatus from the defeat of the Ottomans to today is only due to technology advancing in the West while Islam stagnated, but now they are finding new ways to infiltrate and corrupt western culture.

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