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Islam and the politics of religious freedom


  • xexon 5 years ago

    Zionist hatemonger.


  • Stan Transue 5 years ago

    Xexon: Which of the Jewish or Christian texts tells them to convert or kill all non-believers?

    Where in the Jewish or Christian faiths is there a promise of eternal reward for slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians?

    Where in the Judeo-Christian belief is it demanded that rape-victims be stoned to death, theives have their hands cut off or wives be beheaded by their husbands for seeking divorce?

    I am confused about your criterion for labelling someone a hate monger. Is it merely that they have the integrity to speak openly and unafraid about the heinous crimes of Islam?

    If so, I wear the badge proudly sir.

  • Obummer is toast 5 years ago

    xexon says: Zionist hatemonger.

    terrorist sympathizer!

  • Nathan Remington 5 years ago

    Ah, the internets!

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