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Islam and the politics of religious freedom

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque – and two of the Muslim Brotherhood's American tentacles, the Islamic Society of North America and the International Institute of Islamic Thought – wish to cast their outrageous insensitivity toward American dead as a “tribute” to victims of Islamic Law.

A reminder of how the "religion of peace" values America
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They would have us believe that choosing to place a 13-story Islamic Community Center and Mosque within yards of the site where Muslim devotees committed a heinous attack on innocents is merely a coincidence of real estate availability. They want us to see it as a chance to show our religious tolerance. Obviously, the Islamic view of Christian virtue and American tolerance is far more benevolent than what they themselves exhibit towards infidels.

For all practical purposes, Islam is not a religion, but a ruthless, expansionistic, tyrannical political movement hiding behind the veils of religion. But so long as Muslims insist on being granted religious freedom as a pretext for coercing the rest of us to tolerate their ideology of hate in our midst, it is time Islam be subjected to at least the same restrictions as Christianity in America.

The ideal of social tolerance and benevolent government indifference towards religion that were a part of our founding principles have been subverted over the last century. With Christianity as both the source of our religious benevolence, and the predominant religion in America, it has been the subjected to a procession of legislation and court actions to limit official sanction of religion.

The origins of religious tolerance that called for each of us to allow for others’ religious expression and practices without restriction or prejudice have since morphed into an intolerant expulsion of anything but the banal generalities of secular dogma and the scouring of all faiths but those of anti-religionists from public life. Tolerance has been usurped by intolerance and belief has been subjugated to non-belief.

But the growing political clout of Islam is revealing the fact that our official hypersensitivity to religious accommodation is not uniform, but skewed favorably towards Muslims. Examples of special political considerations extended to Muslims abound.

But if the same exclusive deference were demanded by Christians as those claimed by Muslims, it would be officially condemned as hostile to non-Christian minorities. Ironically, it is becoming ever more apparent that the political will to oppose Islam on grounds of religious equality is blunted by the very tolerance that Christian ideals instilled in our culture.

Christian tolerance, demonstrated in the face of systematic marginalization in America is sharply contrasted by Muslim intolerance and willingness to wreak havoc to coerce political advantages. But the answer to the Islamic infestation that is overwhelming Western Europe and is inevitable in the US is really quite simple: Muslims must assimilate if they wish to live here.

The Muslim onslaught must be met with the same ruthless, persistent resolve as that employed to subdue the public voice of Christianity. It must be legally marginalized to the point of public obscurity. In other words, what’s good for the Christian goose is good for the Muslim gander. The following must be set as the absolute conditions for openly practicing, proselytizing or declaring fealty to Mohamed in America. Failure to accept these terms will irrefutably identity one as a purely politically-driven Jihadist and not just a “peaceful” Muslim religionists.

• First and foremost, American Muslims, as an official stated policy of any organization; and as individuals; must officially reject the use of deception, coercion and terrorism as acceptable tools of evangelism. Just as the American Catholic Church has officially defined an American vision of Catholicism, so American Muslims must distance themselves from the goal of a global caliphate and the conversion of infidels or retention of believers by any means other than friendly persuasion.

• Muslims must not be spared normal civic restrictions and responsibilities on the pretense of “religious exemptions,” just as Baptists or Mormons are not exempt. They must adapt to American life in every way possible; and privately fund any facilities or services that they deem necessary to the adherence to their faith. Just as with Christianity, no public funds may be used to provide for any religious adherence that is not used equally by those of other faiths.

• Muslims must not be allowed to exercise any degree of coercion (according to the victim) on anyone to adopt either the practices or dress of Islam if they choose not to do so.

• Muslims may not be allowed to impose or exercise any form of Sharia Law whatsoever, and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of American Law should they attempt to do so. The accommodation of any aspect of Sharia Law that violated the Local, State or Federal Laws of the United States will be treated as a criminal act and prosecuted accordingly.

• Predominantly Muslim neighborhoods should be open to people of other faiths. People of any religious preference should feel accepted, safe and welcomed just as Muslims now expect to be welcomed in their proposed Ground Zero Mosque.

In other words, for America to retain the essential cultural and legal structure that distinguishes us as America – the source of American exceptionalism to which Muslims and others are attracted – Islam’s influence on America must be limited in the same way that Christian influence is confined: that of private, officially neutral, religious practice and advocacy.

Under such restrictions, the religion of Islam – stripped of its political components – will have an equal opportunity to gain converts. Then the contest of faiths will be as it should: relegated to evangelical advocacy, free personal choice and birth rates.

The first thing Muslims can do to demonstrate their good faith as assimilated American citizens is to drop the Ground Zero Mosque proposal with an apology.

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  • xexon 4 years ago

    Zionist hatemonger.


  • Stan Transue 4 years ago

    Xexon: Which of the Jewish or Christian texts tells them to convert or kill all non-believers?

    Where in the Jewish or Christian faiths is there a promise of eternal reward for slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians?

    Where in the Judeo-Christian belief is it demanded that rape-victims be stoned to death, theives have their hands cut off or wives be beheaded by their husbands for seeking divorce?

    I am confused about your criterion for labelling someone a hate monger. Is it merely that they have the integrity to speak openly and unafraid about the heinous crimes of Islam?

    If so, I wear the badge proudly sir.

  • Obummer is toast 4 years ago

    xexon says: Zionist hatemonger.

    terrorist sympathizer!

  • Nathan Remington 4 years ago

    Ah, the internets!

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