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ISIS, Ron Paul, lose all credibility with one brutal miscalculation

Moving tribute, unexpected source
Moving tribute, unexpected source
Syrian Revolution

Every relevant media outlet, and, of course Twitter, has erupted with news of the execution of captured journalist James Foley. ISIS forces, operating in Syria, released a video today of what appears to be the beheading of freelance news correspondent James Foley. The video is, of course, awful. It has been authenticated. ISIS is a brand of evil that cannot be ignored, no matter what Ron Paul says.

Former congressman Ron Paul has just completed a timely series of interviews again blaming US intervention for unrest in Iraq, and throughout the world. Doubtful whether the monsters of ISIS pay any attention to specific American spokesmen, though they are surely aware of flimsy American sentiment. Wracked with self-satisfying guilt, western news orgs let gallons of domestic blood into the turbid waters of international outrage. Anyone with an internet connection may bear constant witness to westerners blaming themselves for all the world's ills. Cutting an American reporters head off and saying it's America's fault fits the maniacal formula perfectly.

America, again, is the ultimate enemy. Ron Paul is vindicated, and ISIS cannot be blamed. Only problem is, this is completely insane. Ron Paul said there would be no deaths in Iraq were it not for US intervention in the '90s. Ron Paul, and the people with the bedsheets on the overpass, can go ahead and try explaining that to the Kurds and Kuwaitis being exterminated by Saddam Hussein.

When one monster points a camera at another monster, who then beheads a reporter kneeling on the ground with his hands tied, the blame does not lie with the reporter or his government. If that same ISIS a-hole looks into the camera and blames George Bush for all the Yazidi women that were raped, and the murdered children, is your solution to stop "intervening"? ISIS hopes so. ISIS is just counting on Ron Paul and his devotees to guilt us right out of the region. Everything's sure to calm down after that, right? If you believe that, there's a memorial in Pearl Harbor I want to show you.