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ISIS American woman hostage: $6.6 million demand unnerving after grisly video

ISIS demands a ransom of $6.6 million for a 26-year-old American woman who was captured a year ago in Syria doing humanitarian work. After the beheading of James Foley last week, paying the ransom to save this woman’s life seems like the only thing to do if she is ever to be seen alive ever again. This is not something the American government does, pay a ransom, but after the Foley beheading, will they find some way to do this?

ISIS ransom demand of $6.6 million for female US humanitarian worker. US doesn't pay ransoms, so now what?

According to the Christian Post on Aug 27, the family doesn’t want the woman’s identity released, but she is one of at least four Americans who are known captives of ISIS. Along with the ransom the ISIS demands release of U.S. held prisoners with one being the MIT-trained neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui. He was convicted of trying to kill two American officials two years ago and being held in the U.S. today.

The video of James Foley being beheaded had a warning to President Obama. Another American journalist, Steven Sotloff, was seen in the video under duress and the ISIS militant warned that this journalist’s life was depending on the next move Obama makes, reports ABC News.

“No just God” would stand for the actions of this terror group, Obama said condemning the terror group. This is the third hostage that has been threatened by ISIS, with Foley being the first, Sotloff the second and now this unnamed woman.

The ISIS demanded a ransom for Foley of $132.5 million, which was never a serious demand, reports CNN News. The money far exceeded money paid for hostages in the past which the top dollar being several million.

Some countries, like France, have paid the ransoms, but other countries like the U.S. and the U.K. will not. Not paying the ransom may result in another death and the families of these held hostages have to be terrified after seeing what the ISIS is very capable of.

Their lack of respect for human life was indicated on the video of James Foley losing his life and then putting the filmed act on YouTube for the world to see. The ISIS used the beheading to send a message. What will happen to the two hostages that ISIS is demanding a ransom for? What will the U.S. do to stop another killing of an innocent U.S. citizen?

Most families cannot come up with that kind of money for a ransom. Where does that leave the family members of these two captives with their loved one's lives being threatened?

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