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ISIS propaganda video released, claims it can win against America

ISIS propaganda video
ISIS propaganda video

A few days ago, news agency Reuters released a report that the radical Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, released a propaganda video called, “Breaking the American Cross”, claiming they can defeat America, that was available on YouTube but was removed for violations of YouTube terms of acceptable content.

J.E. Dyer, a retired Naval Intelligence officer picked up the story this past Saturday, and stated that while a few media outlets reported on it, the video was widely ignored, and was possibly due to YouTube’s removal of the video.

Reuters said, “The video with the theme “Breaking of the American cross” boasts Islamic State will emerge victorious over “crusader” America. It follows a video posted on Monday warning of attacks on American targets if Washington struck against its fighters in Iraq and Syria. …the video showed footage of President Barack Obama as well as strategic U.S. ally King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and attacks on American soldiers.”

In describing the video, Dyer said, “There is an emotionally painful interlude between minutes 7 and 11 in which American soldiers come under fire, while male voices sing “Amazing Grace” as a musical accompaniment. It’s a pastiche of video clips, some of which are obviously from Afghanistan (not Iraq), based on the BDUs. In the longest single clip, a serviceman prays aloud for God’s protection while his unit is under fire during an urban patrol.”

“Americans are also shown honoring their dead with battlefield crosses with the helmet, rifle, and boots arranged in the semblance of a cross. This featured interlude, at the very center of the video, is clearly linked with ISIS’s theme of “breaking the American cross.”

While the video was censored and taken down by YouTube, it can be watched here and here at an alternate site in which ISIS’s propaganda video attempts to show that it will win against America.

Why the video was censored, no one knows but Dyer said, “Americans need to know how ISIS presents itself and what its purposes are. Given ISIS’s obscenely vicious persecution of Christians in Syria and Iraq, Americans have a right to know that ISIS sees us, in a national sense, as standard-bearers of the cross, and that that is intimately connected to ISIS’s hatred for America.”

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