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ISIS produces sick video, displays crucifix found in wallet of murdered victim

Islamic State member displaying Crucifix found in wallet of victim
Islamic State member displaying Crucifix found in wallet of victim
YouTube [screenshot]

The Islamic State (ISIS) posted a disturbing, yet surprisingly polished video on YouTube Friday that will likely be removed once it is discovered due to it's extremely violent content. For the sake of the tortured victims, it will not be posted here.

Many Islamic State extremists, presumably along with their allies, have posted the video openly on Twitter.

While the video is not translated, one can read between the lines on most points. If one goes by this video alone, it is clear that the individuals taking part in the brutality consider themselves to be very devout. One scene features a man speaking passionately, presumably in prayer, while other members brandishing their weapons chant with him. The speaker becomes quite emotional during his riveting speech, as his audience is swept up in the fundamentalist fervor.

Some of the most disturbing aspects of the Islamic State, as illustrated by the video, is their horrific disregard for human life and dignity. Their victims are often abused even after their deaths; the abuse gleefully filmed as a badge of honor for others to watch and cheer.

In one scene toward the end, two men with their hands bound are filmed sitting next to each-other in a destroyed remnant of a building. Unable to fight back, they are both shot and killed. An Islamic State extremist then displays a crucifix retrieved from the wallet of one of the victims for the camera (pictured here as a screenshot from the video).

Still photos of this murder were also posted freely on Twitter. It should be noted that many of the tweets also express extreme anti-American sentiment.

Whoever created the video is certainly knowledgeable about video production, adding to suspicions that the Islamic State has enough resources and/or influence to enlist the help of others. The Islamic State terrorists seem to have no concerns about posting such content on social media, which is an illustration of their brazenness. Their murderous deeds are perpetrated openly, faces uncovered, lending to the notion that they have no fear of repercussions for their violence.

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