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ISIS Jihadists have been caught here in America

ISIS on the march.
ISIS on the march.

The recent FBI arrest of a North Carolina jihadist adds to a number of ISIS-tied Muslim Americans already captured.

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Last week, the FBI arrested 44 year old Donald Ray Morgan, aka Abu Omar al Amreeki, on AK-47 and other weapons charges. Morgan, a 44-year-old bodybuilder turned jihadist, has distributed videos of Islamic State beheadings and mass executions — including one of the terrorists playing soccer with severed heads — while vowing to "join the ranks with the most beautiful brothers on Earth." He swore allegiance to the group's kingpin, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and offered to "sacrifice" himself in jihad. Morgan also posted a photo of Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, another American jihadist who slipped into Syria to join Islamic State and wage jihad.

Abu-Salha, a 22-year-old Floridian, managed to return home for a time without U.S. authorities noticing, before returning to Syria and carrying out a massive suicide truck bombing. From the grave, he's recruiting other Americans to join the jihad through his words in a widely distributed martyrdom video. In the video, he said, "You are not safe," my fellow Americans. "I have one word to say: We are coming for you."

Because these recruits are traveling on U.S. passports or ones issued by other Western countries, they could slip through the cracks, and there are simply too many of them for intelligence agencies to track.
Reportedly more than 100 Americans already have joined the Islamic State jihad, and as many as a dozen of them have returned to America. They're coming back with bomb-making skills and battlefield experience.

Other recruits that have been picked up are
• Eric Harroun, a former Army private and Muslim convert, charged with firing a rocket-propelled grenade alongside Islamic State terrorists in Syria.
• Shannon Maureen Conley, a Colorado teen arrested trying to board a flight to join the group and later charged with providing material support to terrorists. The Muslim convert, who joined the U.S. Army Explorers, wanted training that would help her wage jihad and repeatedly referred to U.S. military bases as "targets".

One conservative filmmaker is so certain that ISIS has infiltrated the United States that he is willing to bet his life on it.
Appearing last Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, author of “They Come to America II: The Cost of Amnesty” told host Brian Kilmeade that the jihadist group is here and already preparing to bring the fight stateside.

When discussing ISIS, Lynch said “I would guarantee you they’re already here. I have worked in the desert and I have caught these people before, and I’ve seen Qurans, prayer rugs, you name it. They’re already here.”

The influence that this vicious successor to al-Qaida in Iraq is exerting inside our own borders is clearly growing. Obama has only helped with their potential attacks upon our country by opening our borders.

Defense Secretary Hagel said, just a few days ago, that ISIS is a threat to the civilized world. So what’s he doing?

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