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ISIS holds another hostage, poll shows most oppose paying ransom for hostages

ISIS killing innocent people
ISIS killing innocent people

The radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS (IS) is reportedly to be holding another hostage, an American female and is demanding $6.6 million for her release while most Americans are against paying ransom to terrorists holding American citizens hostage and U.S. lawmakers do not want President Obama to initiate military action until a vote has been established by Congress.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that a source had confirmed to a Fox News reporter that the humanitarian aid worker is a 26-year-old woman from the West Coast but did not provide any further details. However, ABC News reported that the woman, whose relatives have requested she not be identified, is the third of at least four Americans known to be held by the extremist Muslim organization.

ABC News stated that the details of the ISIS ransom demand and the abduction of the young aid worker were disclosed by Mauri Saalakhan of the Peace and Justice Foundation, and a close friend of the unnamed hostage in statements to ABC News on Monday.

Fox News reached out to a U.S. State Department spokesperson for comments but the spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Whether the ransom demands will be met has been undetermined but a IPSOS poll done by Reuters News agency shows that nearly two out of three Americans say that governments should never pay ransom to terrorists in exchange for hostages.

Patricia Zengerle of Reuters stated that sixty-two percent of adults surveyed said they agreed with U.S. and British policy of refusing to pay ransom, in response to a question about the killing of American journalist James Foley and the multimillion-dollar ransom demanded by Islamic State militants for his release.

Zengerle went on to say that in the same poll, most Americans felt the United States should intervene in Iraq in some way, although an overwhelming number of Americans oppose any U.S. troops on the ground in support of the Baghdad government.

Meanwhile, congressional lawmakers on Tuesday are demanding a vote on any US military action against the ISIS terrorists. Fox News reported that U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, (D-VA) said, “While the Islamic State poses a significant terrorist threat to U.S. interests, I do not believe that our expanded military operations against ISIL (ISIS) are covered under existing authorizations from Congress.”

Kaine further said, “This fight, and the threat posed by ISIL, is serious enough that Congress and the administration must be united on U.S. policy going forward. I urge the administration to use the next two weeks to clearly define the strategy and objectives of its mission against ISIL, then bring it to Congress for a debate and authorization vote.”

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