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ISIS, Hamas, others declare ceasefire in wake of Ferguson shooting

keep it together..
keep it together..
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Nations around the world took a break from blowing themselves into oblivion while the United States tried to get a handle on its latest domestic tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri. ISIS, Russia, Hamas, Israel; everyone miraculously stopped invading, rocketing and besieging each others mountain populations.

No, not really. But if you depend upon the American media and tweets from the White House, you would think cool heads were prevailing overseas. You would, however, be in a rightful rage about Michael Brown getting shot.

Outlets that were convinced, and deigning to convince us, that either Israel or Russian separatists were bringing about the end of the world, have put every other catastrophic event on the back burner, despite categorical worsening. Whether the media watching public, or the media we so voraciously consume is responsible for our lamentable attention to even relevant details is uncertain. What is clear is how horribly self involved we've become.

What occurred in Ferguson is outrageous. What's happening there now, as a result, is no better. Whether Michael Black was resisting or not, he was unarmed and outnumbered. He should not be dead. Frustration is wholly understandable. Rioting is not.

Opinions are split, but the Ferguson coverage has been universal. Worse, most newsie stations and blogs are equally, or more concerned with the reporters that got kicked out of McDonald's than with the poor kid who got shot. Support or scorn the police in this instance, the Russian trucks rolling into Ukraine are also newsworthy. The resumed hostilities in Gaza are newsworthy. No, CNN, the missing Malaysian airliner is no longer newsworthy until they actually find something. And no, Chris Hayes, the people of Missouri are not lashing out against the Tea Party.