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ISIS Destroying History

ISIS Destroying History
ISIS Destroying History
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When ISIS, the extremist Islamic sect that has slowly been taking over Iraq marched into Mosul they informed the residents that they were there to free them from the tyranny of the Shiite. What these Sunni extremists didn't tell the Sunni of Mosul was that they were there to also destroy the city's history. Within about two weeks they started to blow the cities most sacred landmarks. The extremists don't care for any shrine that is not totally to the worship of God.

The extremists when they first arrived didn't even bother with the Christians that lived in the city but that has now changed. The entire population of the Christian community is now gone.

ISIS has now destroyed the Mosque of. Younis. In Christian terms the Mosque of Jonah. They have destroyed the Mosque of Sheeth or Seth. They have destroyed the Mosque of Jirjis

The worst was they wanted to destroy the Crooked Minaret. This is the 840 year old tower that is similar to the leaning Tower of Pisa. This infuriated the citizens if Mosul to the point that they actually had said enough is enough. They came out and made a human chain and told the Islamic Extremists that if they were going to blow this up then they would have to blow them up with it. The Mosul citizens just couldn't take anymore and had to put up a fight finally even if it meant their own life.

ISIS has been doing this sort of destruction all over Iraq and so much history has been lost due to their own stupidity. They preach that all things western are bad and corrupt but they drive around in foreign made trucks using foreign weapons but that is acceptable. They are trying to rid Iraq of anything western and anything that goes against what they believe. In other words it makes them no better than hypocrites.

The townspeople of Mosul have been able to hold them off from destroying the Crooked Minaret for now. That doesn't mean they can continue to do so for eventually the extremists will get their way and another piece of history will be gone. The stupidity if it all is just too much. For if they destroy everything that makes up the country of Iraq there will be nothing left but sand and dust. What a waste.