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ISIS demands Iraqi girls be given over for 'sex jihad'

A victim raped by ISIS fighters speaks to Al-Iraqiya TV
A victim raped by ISIS fighters speaks to Al-Iraqiya TV
Screen-grab from youtube video

Radical Islamists known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are once again showing their true nature as they pillage their way across Iraq. ISIS has conquered Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, and a vast amount of territory across the country has also come under their control.

Their presence brings nothing but murder and rape as they impose their brand of mayhem all across Iraq. The Clarion Project reports that agents of ISIS have plastered posters in the city of Mosul, that read:

We call upon the people of this county to bring their unmarried girls, so they can fulfill their duty in sex jihad for their warrior brothers in the city and anyone who will not appear will feel the full force of the sharia [Islamic law] upon him.

The Clarion Project says the reports about "al-nikah"(sex jihad) came from Al-Masryalyoum which is said to be a well-respected Egyptian newspaper.

According to WND, "the Clarion Project, [is] a respected nonprofit organization that works to expose Islamic extremism, primarily through documentary films it produces."

Reports say that ISIS fighters are going from house to house in Mosul killing the men and raping the women. A United Nations human rights official, Rupert Colville, indicated he received information about four women committing suicide in Mosul. Colville is a spokesman in Geneva for Navie Pillay, a top United Nations human rights official.

The women killed themselves after being raped and or forced into marriages with ISIS militants.

An Arabic television station, Al-Iraqiya TV, released a report about two Iraqi sisters that ISIS militants had raped. The sisters said that ISIS fighters entered their home and killed all the men and then took turns raping them and other women in the house. They described their terrifying ordeal as follows:

They came into the house. They were disgusting. They were armed and spoke among themselves in a language we did not recognize. We were afraid; I tried to save my sister, but one of them hit me with his weapon – on my body and then on my face – me and my sister. I blacked out and woke up to the sound the sounds of the screaming of my neighbor while one of the jihadis was playing with my hair.

I heard one of them speaking in a dialect from the Gulf region and the other one was speaking in a language I have never heard before. I kept resisting and he hit me on my head. I woke up and saw that my entire body was covered in blood.

Islamist radicals are well-known for committing atrocious acts through-out the Middle East as well as the world. In April, we reported that a Jordanian cleric known as Sheikh Yassin al-Ajlawni issued a fatwa urging destitute Syrian women to become sex-slaves to jihadists. The reasoning behind the fatwa was to keep the civil war raging in Syria.

We have documented the many horrific stories about what radical extremist Muslims have done in the name of their religion of peace. Here are some of them, click on the links below to check them out.

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