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ISIS and the U.S. homeland: a serious and growing concern

The terror group ISIS is expanding it's global reach to include the U.S.
The terror group ISIS is expanding it's global reach to include the U.S.
Gary London

Minneapolis, Minnesota area being targeted for recruitment by terror group.

Over the past few weeks, it has become more and more evident that the terror group ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) represents a real and growing threat to the western world including the United States.

Multiple news sources report and confirm that this group has been able to recruit both men and women from the U.S. and other western nations who have been persuaded by mostly social media methods including videos with appeal to mostly younger individuals.

It is reported that the terror group ISIS is well backed financially, and has adequate resources to broadly expand its operation and recruitment techniques.

According to ABC news, many former associates of Saddam Hussein's regime have now become actively involved in ISIS. ABC news also reports that ISIS has recruited more than 100 Americans who have left the U.S for Syria, and a substantial number of these recruits are from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. The FBI is investigating. According to Richard Thornton, special agent in charge of the Minneapolis FBI division, “people are leaving Minnesota as we speak.”

There is increasingly serious concern about these individuals and others in the rapidly evolving terror group posing a serious threat to the U.S. homeland by being able to enter or re-enter the U.S. through sophisticated methods which would enable them to avoid detection.

ISIS has generated strong appeal to individuals with a certain profile, in particular, disenfranchised, dissatisfied, angry, alienated individuals apparently lacking and in search of a sense of belonging and community

In its recruitment videos, ISIS appears to offer meaning, purpose and validation to those seeking it, along with weapons handling and tactics, encouraging western Muslims to abandon their lives and join the Jihadi struggle. Rap music is incorporated as a tool in some of these videos.

In Britain last week, the UK terror threat level was raised from substantial to severe in response to what is perceived a growing terror threat. This is the second highest of five UK terror threat levels.

In the U.S. President Obama has been harshly criticized for his statement last Thursday that "we don't have a strategy yet" for dealing with Islamic State militants in Syria. It has been suggested that the President's “stance” may embolden ISIS further. On Sunday's (8/31) NBC “Meet the Press,” it was shared among commentators that in general, the U.S. might seem to be “leading from behind” (with our allies and others on the world stage)with regards to high priority and pressing issues of world concern, including the Ukraine crisis, ISIS, and other evolving global events requiring diplomatic involvement.

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