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ISIS and al-Qaeda present in the Gaza

Fighters and flags showing loyalty to ISIS are starting to appear in Gaza.
Fighters and flags showing loyalty to ISIS are starting to appear in Gaza.

According to Michael Evans, one of the few observers that has a clue what he is talking about regarding Israel and the Middle East, disclosed that the turmoil in Gaza is evolving into a dangerous situation with ISIS and al-Qaida forces now present in the conflict in Gaza. Evans is a Messianic Jew with excellent credentials with high level government officials in Israel.

Evans notes that while the clueless western media continues to focus on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the real villain pulling the strings is Iran. The mullahs of Tehran are providing the weapons, equipment, training, funding and other logistical support against Israel.

There are tens of thousands if rockets pointed at Israel right now. Some of these rockets are flying in from Lebanon and other border sites. This menace is not just coming from the Gaza.

Israel already agreed to a cease fire which was brokered by Egypt, however Hamas refused to agree. Of course who is at fault according to the biased media? If you guessed Israel, you are correct.

Air raid sirens are wailing all across Israel as the terrorists are accomplishing exactly what they want to do at this point, and that is to terrorize the Jewish community. The conflict can easily turn from self-defense to self-preservation should Hamas receive the call from Iran to unload its rocket in one blistering firestorm.

The Gaza situation is ripe for al-Qaeda and ISIS fighters to recruit by taking advantage of the chaos and disorganization in Gaza which is creating a vacuum in authority that is the perfect storm for increased terror activity. ISIS has acquired tremendous finances thanks to its plundering of the banks in Iraq.

Hamas, ISIS, and al-Qaeda need the increased violence to substantiate their presence in the conflict against Israel. The scary part is the mutual hatred of Israel can easily solidify these terror networks into one horrific organization. Add Bobo Harem’s massive carnage against Christians in the region and Islamic persecution of rival religions is at huge proportions.

This area is the most destabilized in memory.

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