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ISIS a clear and present danger

Future for non believers under ISIS
Future for non believers under ISIS
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Are the current threats from the ISIS just a boast or should we be worried? It is hard to tell from mixed signals the administration is putting out. Army general Martin Dempsey said on August 22 that the ISIS is an “Immediate threat”. (Threat) Two days later the former head of the CIA, General Michael Hayden concurred and claimed an attack against the west is only a matter of timing and not intent. (Timing) As of Monday Dempsey made an about face and suddenly claims ISIS are not a direct threat to the US. (Reversal)

Anyone looking to Obama for guidance would be hard pressed to find concern of a major terrorist attack on Martha’s Vineyard. ISIS apparently did not get the memo issued from the White House that the global war on terror is over as declared by Obama a little over a year ago. (US News) One memo they did receive was the one announcing our troop withdrawal from Iraq at the end of 2011. We know this because in 2012 they announced they would return to the strongholds they had been driven out of. (AP wire) As they returned to each area they systematically emptied the prisons and jails of supporters. Embolden with their successes they expanded to Syria. Now they are threatening to take their jihad to the streets of America.

The American public no longer believes Obama’s promises and ISIS doesn’t believe his threats. That fact is apparent in the ISIS tweet showing a prominent building located in the center Obama’s “home” town of Chicago and a night view of the White House. The picture had the ominous caption of “We are in your state, We are in your cities, We are in your streets, You are our goals everywhere.” (Twitter)

How could they enter our country with a Department of Homeland Security budget of almost $60 billion (Budget), and assurances from politicians and government workers about the security of our borders? (Secure)? They could be one of the nine thousand student visas issued last year to “students” from Iraq. They could have flown in and claimed refugee status like the Boston bombers. (Refugee) They could also just walk across the border at Mexico while our Border Patrol is busy changing diapers of the children Obama invited here.

We know they can cross our borders with ease, sometimes with help from our own government. We also know they are better funded than Al-Qaeda ever was from oil and ransoms. Once here they can do what they want. The chances are though they will not attack Chicago or the White house. The point of terror is to keep you guessing where the next strike will be. While DHS intrudes upon our lives protecting us from the last strike the terrorists are formulating their next move.

Besides lone wolf attacks they have been working with Ebola years before it made headlines. (Lady Al-Qaeda) Someone has been testing the strength of our power infrastructure thru both computer hacking and direct assaults. (Substation assaults) A group of foreign chemical engineering students were arrested near Boston’s main reservoir. (Water Supply) Suppose each of these proposed attacks happened simultaneously like the hijacking of four airliners on Sept 11 2001. Would that help to further their goal of destroying America?

At this point you might be questioning what can one person do against a well funded, organized and radical army of zealots? First off take with a grain of salt the information that is disseminated thru the people in charge. Their motives might be more in line with future elections than the future of the country. Second be an informed voter, our elected representatives should speak for our voice and not special interest. Ask yourself do you want to align with the party of appeasement, isolation or direct action. Learn from history what worked against a well funded, organized and radical army of Muslims. (Battle of Tours, the Crusades, Shores of Tripoli)

Decide for yourself what to do against a clear and present danger. Vote like your freedom depends on it, fight for what you believe in. Find leaders that can be our Martel (French: hammer) against the iron will of ISIS and the anvil of history.

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