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Well, most children are back in school. The ones that are not will be getting ready and parents are looking for school supplies and even getting ready to start Christmas shopping. Most start Christmas shopping about the time that school starts. has a lot of great choices for you to choose from and these come with Personalized Lunch Boxes! Each lunch box features your child’s name on multiple sides and start at just $29.95 at I See Me today! and even books! Every child would love to be the center of attention, which is what they are certainly going to get when they walk into school or even Pre-K with a lunch box made with their names personalized on their own lunch box.

Each one has a chalk board on the inside of the lid to write a little note on or even draw them a little picture just to brighten their day. This is also great to remind them to bring home a certain book or homework assignments that need to be made up.

If you're looking to save a little money on your budget and get something really neat that will excite your child to go back to school, enter LUNCH25 at checkout on

Be sure to check out their Check out the top selling I See Me personalized books, available for you to customize today! where they are the star and main character of the story. They are very unique gifts and will get your child interested in reading. They become characters like a princess, farmers and so many things that their imaginations can take them away to new adventures. These also come in board books for baby's!


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It's a very unique and really nice lunchbox. It's a high quality value. They are sturdy and very well worth the wait and the price. There isn't anything that I could possibly say that would give off the high benefit of what I honestly feel about this product. It's just perfect!


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