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Isabella, the miracle cleft palate puppy who survived when her siblings did not

Isabella the cleft-palate puppy
Isabella the cleft-palate puppy
Twenty Paws Rescue

Isabella is a tiny miracle...the days old puppy with the cleft-palate is the only puppy out of the entire litter who survived.

Twenty Paws Rescue

The infant Cane Corso, who weighs just over one pound, was saved by Twenty Paws Rescue on March 27 - just two days after she was born.

Isabella is the fortunate one - despite her cleft palate, she is alive.

The pup was born to a dog who was owned by a backyard breeder who lived in the projects of Bronx, N.Y. The owner had bred Isabella's mother with the intent to make money, but things did not go as planned with the delivery.

When it became clear that the puppies were not being delivered as hoped, the mother was rushed to a veterinarian and it was determined that emergency surgery was needed - unfortunately, the dog's owner did not have the funds to pay for the life-saving procedure.

The owners contacted PETA, who offered to pay for the surgery, as long as the mother would be spayed during the procedure. The dog's owner consented - sadly, every pup, aside from Isabella, died.

The family realized that they were not equipped to handle a special needs puppy and Twenty Paws Rescue was contacted to take over her care.

Today, the rescue agency is providing round-the-clock care for their tiny miracle; they attempted to secure the mother from the owner as well, but that person was not willing to relinquish custody.

Follow Isabella's journey at this link to her Facebook page.

Donations to help with Isabella's veterinary expenses here.

If readers would prefer to donate directly to their vet’s office please email and they can provide the information.

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