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Isabella Rossellini immerses herself into the mating habits of animals

Isabella Rossellini at 2005 Torino Film Festival.
Isabella Rossellini at 2005 Torino Film Festival.

There are two things you may not know about Isabella Rossellini. One is that she lives in the town of Bellport on Long Island. The other is that she is currently starring in a quirky one-woman play about the mating habits of animals.

Entitled “Green Porno,” the 75-minute production is based on video clips of the same name, and features the 61-year old actress dressing up in a wild assortment of costumes from a housefly to a hamster as she “aggressively chases after mates while frankly discussing the way they reproduce.

As a pink-bodied earthworm, Rossellini proudly announced that she is a hermaphrodite (both male and female) and that while she can mate with another hermaphrodite to reproduce, she can also “segment” her body and “clone” herself. Other animals portrayed include a praying mantis, right whale, a whip-tailed lizard and a duck, etc.

“Green Porno” can now be seen today through January 25 (with the exception of Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 20) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Fisher, Fisherman Space, 321 Ashland Pl., Brooklyn, NY. Tickets run $72-$120. For more information call 718 636-4100.

Following this engagement Ms Rossellini will take the production on tour throughout other cities in the US, Canada, France, the UK, Greece, Australia, Russia, Belgium and Russia. In the meantime, she is also planning to continue studying for her Masters Degree in animal behavior and conservation at Manhattan’s Hunter College.